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What about children addicted to mobile phones? These tips are easy to get rid of children's "mobile

For today's children, there is no fun of playing mud, skateboards or yo yo. Most of the time is revolved around mobile phones. In fact, this is a very bad social phenomenon. Many children are often addicted to mobile games or small video of shaking, and their eyesight has dropped dramatically, and they have not played a positive role in education. It's really worrying. So how to help children get rid of cell phone addiction?

In fact, for parents, the responsibility is the greatest. For children to watch mobile phones, there is no correct guidance and education, but blindly indulgence and pampering, which will lead to children's confidence and more unbridled viewing of mobile phones.

In fact, parents can help their children to quit their addiction to mobile phones easily by doing the following:

1. Keep children as little as possible in touch with mobile phones and other electronic products

Before children go to school, try not to let children touch mobile phone electronic products, because children's self-control is very poor, if not controlled, not only will cause a sharp decline in vision, but also can not play a correct role in guiding, especially for some 2-4-year-old children, don't let them play mobile phones, mobile phones are very stimulating to the eyes.

2. Learn to distract children

In fact, children's interest in playing with mobile phones is only temporary. At this time, parents timely guide and educate their children to do some handicrafts that are beneficial to the development of intelligence and brain power, or to pile up blocks, tell stories, read books, etc. together with their children, so as to divert their attention and make them attracted by many meaningful things. It is estimated that the desire to watch mobile phones will not be very strong 。

3. Parents lead by example, don't play games in front of their children

In fact, if you want your child not to play with mobile phones, the most important thing is that parents should set an example. As long as your child is around, don't play with mobile phones, and set a correct example and model for your child, so as to influence your child invisibly.

4. Don't reward children for playing mobile phones when they are naughty

Many children like to play with mobile phones. When they play with mobile phones, they become very obedient. So many parents exchange playing with mobile phones when their children don't listen or eat. In fact, this practice is essentially wrong.