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Where is the best quality bird's nest produced?

Bird's nest can beautify and beautify the face. It has been a favorite care product for Chinese girls since ancient times. Taking bird's nest internally can relieve skin aging. Since ancient times, it has been one of the important means for women to keep young forever. So where is the best bird's nest?

Where is the best place to produce bird's nest

Bird's nests are mostly produced in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other islands, such as Hainan Island and Yunnan Province in China. Among them, Indonesia has the largest production, accounting for 80%, and the rest are Malaysia, Thailand and other regions.

(1) Indonesian bird's nest

Indonesia is a big country in bird's nest production, most of which are 'domesticated swallows', that is to say, building a house to attract the golden swallows, and then they will feed the golden swallows. Indonesia is also the first country in the world to raise swifts in captivity, with first-class feeding technology and natural production. The bird's nest produced by house swallow is cleaner and whiter than that produced by cave swallow in bad environment. Moreover, the surface of Indonesian bird's nest is thick and thick, and the silk is full and thick. The excessive is not obvious, just like it grows together. Influenced by tradition, Indonesia's coarse silk bird's nest is mainly dry, so it takes longer to soak. Generally, it takes four or six hours to stew, so the taste is more smooth and chewy.

(2) Bird's nest in Malaysia

Malaysia has a tropical rainforest and monsoon climate, and it is also very suitable for Golden Swallow to live in. In general, Malaysian bird's nest has thin filaments, with obvious separation between filaments, many cracks and small filaments in the inner layer. Generally, wet picking is the main processing method. The hair picking workers wet the bird's nest with wet towels, and then pick the fur after the bird's nest has fully absorbed water, and then air dry after picking. Because the swallow silk is soft, the soaking time and stewing time are much shorter than that of the Indonesian bird's nest. The taste is more soft and glutinous, while the juice is full-bodied.

(3) Bird's nest of Thailand

Thailand's house swallows are basically free range, that is to say, although the house has been built, it does not provide feed, and the Golden Swallow looks for food by itself, so there are fewer bird's nests than other countries. There are many islands in Thailand. There are more than 2000 kilometers of coastline in the south, and all the swifts live on this coastline, eating more diversified food, so the quality is very good. But because of the production and industrial standard, there will be the phenomenon of sticky crushing and bottom crushing. Sticking and crushing the bottom is to put the damaged swallow shreds and swallow shreds into the ordinary quality swallow calyx, fill the gap in the swallow calyx with swallow shreds and swallow shreds, and then air dry and finalize to get a full-bodied swallow calyx. Although it's also in line with the rules, natural bird's nest is better than natural bird's nest.