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How to wash pomegranate juice on clothes? How to clean pomegranate juice

This season is the best season to eat pomegranates. Red pomegranates look like agates from afar. They are crystal clear. Although pomegranates are very delicious, they are easy to splash pomegranate juice on clothes if you are not careful. How can pomegranate juice be cleaned correctly?

How to wash pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is delicious but too troublesome to eat, so pomegranate juice becomes the best choice for people to eat pomegranate. However, in the process of making pomegranate juice, it is inevitable that the juice will splash on the clothes, which is quite difficult to clean, so how can pomegranate juice be washed conveniently? In fact, for the pomegranate water just splashed on the clothes, it should be replaced immediately, sprinkled with salt on it, and then washed with water.

1. When pomegranate water splashes on white clothes, soak them in milk first, and then wash them with washing powder.

2. For the pomegranate water just sputtered on the clothes, it should be replaced immediately, sprinkled with salt, washed with water, and then washed with washing powder or soap.

3. Pomegranate water with bright color can be applied on the spot with a mixture of egg yolk and 50 grams of glycerin. After half a day, wash it with warm water at 25-30 ℃.

4. The dried juice, rub with vinegar, put for 5 minutes, then wash with water.

5. Baking soda can be boiled with water, and pomegranate juice can be eliminated by scrubbing.

6. The colored fabrics are washed with concentrated brine, water, 10% ammonia and detergent successively; the white fabrics can be soaked in bleaching solution (3% - 5% sodium hypochlorite solution) for 1-2 hours and then rinsed with clear water.

How to peel pomegranate

1. Prepare a pomegranate

2. Cut off part of the top. My pomegranate skin is very thick, so I can't get off the top skin with the method of circling. I just cut it. Fortunately, I didn't hurt several seeds

3. Follow the pomegranate where there is film, and make a stroke to almost the bottom.

4. It can be easily divided into 5 lobes with a little breaking. If you think the tutorial is only here, you are quite wrong.

5. Turn the broken pomegranate petal upside down, with the peel facing up, and knock it with the back of the knife, and the pomegranate seeds will jump down. It's very easy

6. Finally, there's only one other card that needs to be solved by hand