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What is the best water for humidifier? Can humidifier add tap water?

in autumn and winter, humidifier is an indispensable household appliance for people who often turn on air conditioner at home. Humidifier can make the air moist and not dry, which is very popular and easy to use. Do you know what water ratio is better for humidifier? Can you add essential oil and other aromatherapy to the humidifier?

Can humidifier use cold boiled water? It is best to use cold boiled water

Unheated water is easy to produce Staphylococcus aureus, pneumonia bacteria and other bacteria in a short time. Therefore, it's best to put in the humidifier with cold boiled water that will naturally cool after boiling. If you think it's too troublesome to boil water every time, you can also put the tap water for a day or so to allow impurities in the water to settle, and then only scoop up the water above.

What kind of water can be put into the humidifier and some additives of the brand!

It is better not to affect the service life of the machine

Especially things that can't be refueled, such as essential oil, I guarantee that the water tank will burst within 3 hours

Doctors suggest that you do not add substances that stimulate mucous membranes to the humidifier, and try to use pure water or boiled water instead of other water sources that may contain impurities. In addition, the inner wall and filter screen of humidifier used for a long time will be sticky and dirty, which is easy to become the breeding place of bacteria, and should be cleaned frequently at high temperature.

What water is better for humidifier? It's better to use pure water

It is better to use distilled water or pure water for humidifier. If you want to save a little, you can use boiled water with water temperature of about 40 ℃.

Do not use tap water

Tap water generally contains minerals and bacteria, and the hardness of tap water is relatively high. The water mist emitted by humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which is easy to pollute indoor air. Cause tracheal constriction, cough, chest tightness and other symptoms, if asthma patients, it is easy to cause asthma, so it is best to use distilled water or purified water.

No essential oil in water

Fragrance perfume is not optional, perfume and essential oils contain aromatic and preservatives, and should not be added to the humidifier.

Do not add bactericide to water

Because the disinfectant enters the air through atomization and is inhaled into the human body, the chemical reagent in it will stimulate the epithelial cells of the lungs and bronchi, and the long-term use of the cells will suffer damage and cause different degrees of diseases.

Can humidifier heat water

It is not recommended to heat the water to the humidifier water tank, because the hot water will damage the humidifier atomization sheet and affect the operation of the machine. General ultrasonic air humidifier can use clean water with temperature lower than 40 ℃ (pure water is recommended).

There are several main reasons why the humidifier does not add too hot water. First, the humidifier water tank is mostly made of plastic. Adding water with too high temperature will easily damage the water tank and reduce the service life of the humidifier. Second, the too hot water has high temperature after atomization. If it is too close to the human body, it is easy to scald the human body. In addition, the humidifier heating water will not have great harm to the human body. It is generally built It is recommended to cool the hot water properly before adding it into the humidifier.