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Why does Li Ge call Li thirty thousand? Why was LIGO banned?

jitter, Liz, because in the live broadcast platform, he did not respect the national anthem and was killed by tiger teeth. What exactly was Liz thirty thousand before? Ever since being gently banned, this little sister has been on the top of the table. Have you heard about it? Liz, because her unique husky voice has been popular with many people. Fans have broken tens of millions, so they must not be underestimated.

What is the thirty thousand of trembling sound?

To put it simply, Miss Lee, a young lady with a vibrant voice, sent a video on her fast hand, saying: brush her ten cloud pierces and add her private WeChat. The price of ten cloud piercing swords is close to 30000 yuan, so 30000 women are on fire.

Because of the beautiful voice, Liz opened the live broadcast with a quick hand. During the period, some netizens asked Liza for WeChat, while Li Ge said, "my WeChat, ten wearing clouds and arrows, can add my personal WeChat. 'one cloud arrow wearing gift is about 288 yuan, ten of which is 2880 yuan, nearly 3000 yuan. It's true that 3000 plus wechat friends are a little expensive for ordinary white-collar workers, but I'm used to seeing that many beautiful anchormans are in this routine, such as sending lobster, sending rocket, sending Buddha to jump wall and wechat.

First of all, a user named Abbott first sent a video that said 3000 pieces of garrigo wechat, but the video didn't work. At present, the video has been deleted by him.

Next, the user named Abbott sent another video, and the speech directly added a 0 after the 3000 yuan. Then after this video, Albert became angry. Many people were painting 30000 girls.

What do you mean by shaking thirty thousand girls?

The thirty thousand female voice is the Liz who is very popular.

During the live broadcast, the audience can give gifts. Since they have given gifts, the host must give them a little reward. The most direct one is my wechat. It's the same with LIGO's live broadcast. As long as you brush a certain price of gifts, you can add friends to your personal wechat. Many people also go out for LIGO's wechat. But do you know how much it costs for WeChat? Before lizard broadcast live on the fast hand, he asked 10 people to wear a cloud arrow to add a friend. The price of wearing a cloud arrow is 288 yuan, the ten is nearly 3000 yuan, and it is 30000 fast coins that can add friends. Many netizens also joked to call LIGO "thirty thousand loan".

Although LIGO is responsible for this matter, from the perspective of onlookers, those who brush 30000 gifts should think about it well, when you are not the rich second generation. If you are a student, 30000 yuan is your parents' hard-earned money. If you don't get married at work, it's good to buy things for your parents. If you already have a family, you are a brain wreck.