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Catch some of the biggest culprits who have lost their hair and soften your hair

I believe everyone will have such an experience, especially women, who lose a lot of hair when combing. To know that hair loss is a metabolic process, it's normal to lose dozens of hairs, but for a long time, this may be the problem. What's the reason for the hair loss? Let's find out the specific reasons for solving this problem as soon as possible.

The first reason for hair loss depends on the hair itself. The choice of shampoo used every day is improper. Some of the shampoo that has not been tested belongs to inferior product, which is harmful to the hair and scalp. Then there is too much perm and hair dye. It's very harmful to get hair dye on the scalp. Over time, the problem of hair loss also appeared.

The second reason is life pressure. In this fast-paced modern life, everyone will encounter problems of different degrees every day. Various life pressures are piling up more and more, which inevitably leads to anxiety and depression in the heart, which is easy to lead to endocrine disorders and hair loss crisis.

Second, there is too much pressure in life. In this competitive society, how many people go out early and come back late in order to live? You can see that so many men start balding in middle age. They don't want to support their families yet. They have no way to get rid of the huge pressure. They only smoke and drink, but it is harmful to their health. Their rhythm of life is completely disrupted, their nerves are disordered, and the nutrition of hair roots is far from enough to cause hair loss.

Third, there is a lack of nutritional supplements. Modern people like high calorie and high fat foods. These greasy and spicy foods are more or less harmful. If the body has no nutrients, the hair will not be mentioned.

There are also environmental factors, the environment is increasingly damaged, all kinds of environmental pollution directly affect the health of human body and cause hair loss.