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What does a Chinese Koi believe in a fool? What does a fool look like?

China's Koi letter is also a cute girl paper! In October 9th, Alipay 2018 China Koi Xin Xiao Xiao appeared, Tianjin sister, 92 year Libra, this Friday birthday, in Beijing to do IT. In an interview, he said he thought the first reaction was April Fool's Day joke. When he realized that he had won the prize, he was so excited that he shook his hands and the microblog exploded directly. It's a dream for every girl to be a koi and enjoy delicious food when traveling abroad.

On the afternoon of September 29th, Alipay official micro-blog announced: Eleven outbound tour friends, please pay attention to Alipay payment page, may be careless will be free. Alipay also announced that it will pick up 1 Chinese Koi in the world in October 7th. At present, 3.02 million netizens have forwarded the microblog.

For users who won the lottery, Alipay said: micro-blog search letter is very small to absorb the gull gas to take advantage of the heat 1 and the honorable Chinese koi carp, the real carp, the letter carboy, you have a gift. Please pay attention to check 1, and know the winning letter, little classmate, released micro-blog: do I need to work in the second half?