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Who can't eat persimmons? These people should stay away

Do you like persimmon? The sweet persimmon is the favorite of many people. Persimmon has rich nutritional value. It contains carotene, vitamin, riboflavin, protein, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, sugar and other nutrients. It has many effects, such as clearing heat, promoting body fluid, moistening lung, moistening intestines, strengthening spleen, benefiting stomach, cooling blood and hemostasis.

Although persimmons have so many benefits, we should pay special attention to that some patients are not suitable to eat persimmons. Let me see which patients can't eat persimmons.

1. Diabetes patients should not eat

Because persimmon is rich in sucrose, glucose, fructose and other sugars, and the sugar content is relatively high, so diabetes patients can not eat persimmon.

2. People with cold should not eat

Because persimmon nature is cold, so cold type cold person should not eat persimmon.

3. Anemia patients should eat less

Because persimmon contains tannins that are easy to combine with iron, which is easy to hinder the absorption of iron in food by human body, resulting in a serious lack of iron in anemia patients, which is not conducive to the health of the body, so anemia patients should eat less persimmon.

4. Do not eat if the stomach function is low

Because persimmons contain tannins and other ingredients that are easy to form stones and difficult to digest, people with chronic gastritis, subtotal gastrectomy, delayed emptying, dyspepsia and other low gastric functions should not eat persimmons.

5. The patients with gallstones should not eat

Because the tannic acid in persimmon is easy to fuse with the high concentration in gastric juice, which is easy to lead to the formation of gallstones, patients with gallstones should avoid or eat less.