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How big is the suitcase that can be taken directly to the plane? Let's see what the airlines say

For many people who need to fly for various businesses, many people will carry suitcases with them for convenience, so what size suitcases can be carried with them without consignment? For those who don't often fly, you can learn something about it.

What is the size of the suitcase to be checked

For domestic flights, do you have to check all suitcases over 20 inches?


Generally, more than 20 * 40 * 55 suitcases will be required to be consigned, but if the excess is not much, i.e. a few centimeters, and the weight is not much, most of them can take the plane with them. Measure it by yourself. If the size and weight are too much, consign it.

There is no particularly strict requirement. The size of 20 * 40 * 55 is required to be able to put the box in the luggage rack. If you have something that is particularly important and easy to damage, you can apply with the purser to put it in the back seat without any people. If the flight is full or there are many passengers, basically all the luggage will be required to be checked. Unless there are special circumstances that must be taken with you.

Carry on luggage notice

Domestic flights: passengers with first-class tickets can carry two pieces of luggage with each person, and passengers with business class and economy class tickets can carry one piece of luggage with each person. The volume of each bag shall not exceed 20 & times; 40 & times; 55cm. The total weight of the above two items shall not exceed 5 kg.

International flights: generally, the volume of each piece of baggage is no more than 20 & times; 40 & times; 55cm, and the total weight of hand baggage is no more than 7kg. (however, each airline has special weight restrictions. Please pay attention to the tips on the ticket or consult the airline.)

Free Commission

Domestic routes: 20kg for economy class passengers, 30kg for business class passengers and 40kg for first class passengers. There is no free baggage allowance for passengers with infant tickets. Take international routes: the free checked baggage limit for economy class passengers is 20kg, for economy class passengers with student passports, the free checked baggage limit is 30kg; for business class, the free checked baggage limit is 30kg; for first class, the free checked baggage limit is 40kg.

However, when the destination is America, its checked baggage can be two pieces, each piece of baggage shall not exceed 23 kg, and the length of single piece of baggage on three sides shall not exceed 158 cm. In case of excess, passengers need to pay for excess baggage. (some airlines have special weight restrictions, please pay attention to the tips on the ticket, or consult the airline) excess baggage charge standard

Passengers shall pay excess baggage fee for excess baggage. The excess baggage rate of domestic flights is calculated at 1.5% of economy class fare per kilogram, and the amount is in yuan. Different airlines have different rates and calculation methods for excess baggage of international flights, so passengers must follow the regulations of each airline.