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Is there any scratch when the mobile phone is used without film

Mobile phone in the end with no film mobile phone naked really not afraid of scratches? in the era of smart phones, it has always been a controversial topic whether it is necessary to apply film on mobile phones. In fact, taking Xiaobian's experience of playing with mobile phones for many years, although the screen of mobile phones has been very hard, it still can't meet the daily grind and blister. In our daily life, our hands will be stained with dust, and the hardness of dust contains only the particles of diamonds, so No matter how hard the mobile phone is, it will still scratch. Let's talk about it. In terms of falling prevention, the mobile phone doesn't need to be covered with film!

Some netizens believe that toughened glass is scratch resistant and wear-resistant, without film, and has been running naked for a year. There are many scratches on the screen of mobile phone, which seriously affects the visual experience index of mobile phone. Why in the end? When you use a knife to scratch on the screen, you won't get scratched. Is there anything sharper than a knife in your life, but you don't know it, even if your body won't get scratched, is the mobile screen so tragic?

The answer is simple. It is in life that there is a material called quartz, which is harder than the toughened glass of gorilla. As long as quartz is slightly scratched on it, it will leave a scratch. At the same time, quartz is not far away from our life. It is a component of dust that accompanies our life anytime, anywhere.

In real life, we can't be in a dust-free environment. There will be dust in the air when we walk on the road, even at home, it's hard to avoid. Then, when we see dust on the screen of the mobile phone, we wipe it with our hands or cloth. Sometimes the quartz in the dust will leave a shallow scratch on the screen of the mobile phone at the moment of wiping. After a long time, the scratches will be more and more, and the screen of the mobile phone will become worn out.

So, here comes the question. Since the screen of mobile phone can't run naked, then, can pasting the film of mobile phone prevent the screen from being scratched? The answer is No. For example, some people use some inferior mobile phone films or some PET films with low hardness. Due to the poor scratch resistance, they can't help the test of quartz, which naturally leaves a lot of scratches.

Therefore, the new mobile phone still needs to be pasted with a protective film, which is a professional and regular brand film, so as to play the role of screen protection. Of course, if you are a local tyrant, the average mobile phone will be used for months or a year, then if you don't paste the film, it will naturally be 'my mobile phone is my decision'!