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Is it true that Alipay brushes its face to stay in a hotel? Alipay brush face to stay in hotel opera

In addition to fingerprint payment, Alipay still has brush face payment. It feels that this is a simpler operation than fingerprint payment. Users do not need to take out their mobile phones to brush their faces directly. Can Alipay brush their faces and stay at hotels? How to operate? Let's get to know.

1、 Is it true?

It is reported that today's "ID card online function certificate" is officially launched at the same time, and Quzhou, Hangzhou and Fuzhou have become the first pilot cities. The three places respectively selected three common life scenes, i.e. government affairs, hotel check-in and car ticket purchase, for the pilot. It is estimated that 4 million people will have the opportunity to experience this convenient service in one year. So, Alipay's Check Inn Hotel is really true.

2、 How to operate it?

Hangzhou's pilot is in the Ruiwo smart hotel in the future science and technology city. Xiaobian has experienced it on the spot, and can check in the hotel service without ID card in seconds. In the hotel lobby check-in machine, first use mobile Alipay to sweep the two-dimensional code on the screen, select the room on the public number and pay for it, check in. After that, the phone will receive a predetermined code.

Next, I will enter the play of this experience: authentication. Click on the screen 'check-in', enter the prefix code as required, press the confirmation page, scan the page with Alipay scan, and then complete the authentication within one or two seconds after sweeping. The whole process, just a few seconds.

After check-in and authentication, we bring our 'faces' to the reserved room. There is a face sweeping machine at the door of the room, aiming at it, the door will open automatically.

As for check-out, it is also a direct operation on the mobile phone. After the waiter has checked the room, the deposit previously paid will be returned to the account automatically, and there is no need to deal with people in the whole process.

Even in five-star hotels, it takes more than ten minutes to check in from the waiter to the cashier and pay the deposit. If there is a rush hour, you have to queue up. It will take longer for someone in front to pay for the change. In Feizhu future hotel, the time for hotel management is reduced to 30 seconds. You're right. It only takes 30 seconds. It's more convenient for you to go out later.