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Golden autumn crabs are rampant. Pregnant mothers should be careful when eating crabs. Rumors of mis

Eating crabs is the most important thing in autumn. When chrysanthemum yellow crabs are fat, many people can't bear the desire to eat crabs for a long time. Does a basin of delicious hairy crabs come to the table and the fresh smell of the room make you very excited? But for a special group of pregnant women, it's better to take it easy!

Can pregnant women eat hairy crabs?

When many people arrive at hairy crabs, they will think that hairy crabs belong to cool food. If pregnant women eat, it will lead to fetal abortion. In fact, this statement is not very correct. From the perspective of Western medicine, crabs are high protein food, while high-quality protein is beneficial and harmless to the body. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not suitable to be hot before delivery and cool after delivery, so it is beneficial and harmless for the body to eat some hairy crabs before delivery.

In fact, because of its cold nature, crabs have the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Eating them will cause bleeding and abortion in early pregnancy. Therefore, it is not recommended for those pregnant women who are weak and cold. For normal people, it's OK to eat a little, but don't overdo it. And hairy crabs belong to high protein food, it is easy to deteriorate, so when you eat, you must eat fresh ones to avoid eating some dead crabs by mistake.

How does pregnant woman eat crab healthiest?

First of all, when the crab is cooked on the table, it is forbidden to eat it randomly. Not every part of the crab can eat it. The stomach, heart and gills of crabs can't be eaten. If these viscera are eaten by mistake, it is easy to cause food poisoning.

Second, when eating crabs, choose the crabs with big head, strong limbs and strong vitality. Never eat overnight crabs or dead crabs.

Third, when cooking crabs, they must be steamed thoroughly in high temperature to avoid bacteria breeding, diarrhea and gastrointestinal diseases.

Fourth, crabs and peanut kernel, cantaloupe, persimmon, pear, ice drink can not eat together, these foods and crabs eat together, it is harmful to the stomach, easy to cause diarrhea. When eating crabs, it's best to mix with ginger vinegar juice to keep away cold and kill bacteria.

Do the loving pregnant mothers remember the above matters? Golden autumn crabs are rampant, and pregnancy can be full of food, but we must take the baby's health as the premise, satisfy our appetite and also take into account the baby, so that we can be a qualified expectant mother.