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How does pinduoduo complain? How much is pinduoduo's customer service complaint number?

How does pinduoduo complain? Some users of pinduoduo's mobile shopping software are not new, some people want to complain about the black hearted sellers, so how much is pinduoduo's complaint phone? Let's have a look!

How to complain about pinduoduo

Pinduoduo customer service complaint hotline: 021-61897088

How to contact merchants

You can open the mobile [pinduoduo app] - personal center] - my order, click the product, and then you can communicate with the merchant online or by phone (if both parties need to agree on the content, it is recommended to communicate with the merchant online, so as to save the voucher later).

If you can't contact the merchant for money safety, it is recommended to apply for refund first.

Contact merchant does not respond

If the merchant cannot be contacted, it is recommended to apply for refund in advance for the sake of money safety. If the Merchant fails to handle it within 48 hours, pinduoduo will return it to you automatically