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Do you want to cut the moon cake? People from the north and the South quarreled again because of thi

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. There is a wave of heat about whether the moon cake should be cut and eaten. Should I cut and eat the moon cakes? It's said that people in the South cut and eat the moon cakes. Xiaobian was so surprised. Forgive me for eating them directly.

From the perspective of southerners: it means that mooncakes are generally eaten by cutting, because the whole one may feel greasy, so to prevent waste, they will be cut into four parts to eat, and others can eat if they can't finish eating. If it's a smaller mooncake, don't cut it all.

Northern people's point of view: eating mooncakes is either to chew one or to break it by hand. Excuse me, won't you be tired of it? Where is the knife in the moon cake box? Northerners said they always thought that the plastic knives and forks in the gift box were funny. It turns out that some people use the toy knife and fork to cut moon cakes

From a health point of view: mooncakes are mostly high in oil and sugar. If they are divided into small pieces and shared with family, they can actually reduce energy intake, or they are advocated!

From the perspective of personal preference: children like to cut, one is convenient to eat, and the other is that they have the feeling of eating cake; adults generally dislike trouble, so it is still based on personal preference.

No matter how you eat, you should control the quantity well, and make sure that you can control it within one piece every day under the condition of three meals. Use your favorite way of eating! The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and I wish you a happy mid autumn festival.