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The 87th anniversary of the September 18th Incident

On September 18, 1931, the Japanese Kwantung Army blew up a section of railway near Liutiao Lake in the northern suburb of Shenyang by itself, and falsely accused the Chinese army of doing so. The September 18th Incident was the beginning of Japanese imperialist aggression against China. In the next 14 years, a large area of land fell and 35 million compatriots were killed. Today, remember the history, don't forget the national war, we are self-improvement;

87 years ago, the Japanese Kanto army blew up the railway tracks of Nanman railway and shelled Beidaying, creating a "918" incident that shocked China and foreign countries, thus opening the prelude of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese war. Don't forget the national humiliation, let the alarm ring in the heart, is the best memory of history.

Review of the September 18th Incident:

The September 18th Incident (also known as the Mukden Incident and the Liutiao Lake incident) is a war of aggression against China deliberately made and launched by Japan in Northeast China and the beginning of Japanese imperialist aggression against China. On the night of September 18, 1931, under the arrangement of the Japanese Kanto army, the railway 'guard team' blew up the Nanman railway track near Liutiao Lake in Shenyang (built by Russia and then occupied by Japan), and planted the stolen goods against the Chinese army. The Japanese army used this as an excuse to bombard Shenyang Beidaying for the "September 18th Incident". The next day, the Japanese army occupied Shenyang and three northeastern provinces. In February 1932, the whole northeast fell. Since then, Japan has established a puppet regime of Manchukuo in Northeast China, and began to enslave and colonize the people of Northeast China for 14 years. The September 18th Incident is an inevitable result of Japanese imperialism's long-term policy of aggression and expansion towards China, and also an important step in its attempt to turn China into an exclusive colony. It also marks the beginning of the world anti fascist war and the beginning of the eastern battlefield of the Second World War.

Japan has committed unforgivable crimes in China

"Sincerity is brave and strong, but it is hard to be defeated. "In that bloody age, the Chinese people shared the same hatred and went to the national calamity together, and played a heroic and triumphant song. Today, when we look back at history, we should not only expose the crimes of the aggressors and warn the world not to forget the trauma of war, but also draw strength and wisdom from the past sufferings and face the future with a broader vision.

Although the smoke of history has gone, but for the contemporary people, remember the history, don't forget the national humiliation, which is the spiritual power for the Chinese nation to revive and move forward forever.