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What's the difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS? Is the iPhone XS configuration cost-effective?

Apple officially launched its next generation of mobile phones at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 13. It is named iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS max. But for Chinese consumers, there seems to be no big surprise. What's the difference between iPhone XS and iPhone x? Is iPhone XS cost-effective?

A12 processor is adopted for all three mobile phones; in terms of storage capacity, all three mobile phones start from 64GB ROM, with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max up to 512gb ROM. Price: from 8699 yuan for iPhone XS, 6499 yuan for iPhone XR and 9599 yuan for phone XS max.

I believe that friends who have seen the conference can summarize the appearance impression of these three mobile phones in four words: no impression. To be honest, Apple's three phones this year are definitely a big disadvantage only in appearance compared with domestic brands. When other mobile phone brands work hard to achieve a truly comprehensive screen, apple still keeps the original "Liu Haiping" design, which is a kind of retrogression.

The back of the iPhone XS is highly recognizable. It has a longitudinal dual camera. The flash is located in the middle of the dual camera. There is an unobvious noise reduction microphone opening in the lower right corner of the flash. That is to say, apart from the dual camera module, there are no other holes in the back of the iPhone XS series, so the visual effect is good.

However, after looking at the habit, I also think the vertical double photography is very good-looking, because the longitudinal long strip-shaped rounded design and the whole are more unified. However, there is no difference in appearance from the previous generation of iPhone X. it is estimated that many Apple fans with iPhone x will not pay for it.

The biggest highlight of the new iPhone is that Apple launched the dual real card and dual standby function specifically for the Chinese market.

For the first time, Apple launched the 6.5-inch iPhone XS max, with a screen size of 6.5 inches, but the entire phone is only 5.5-inch iPhone 8 plus. In addition, there are foreign media said that the overall feel of this mobile phone is also very good.

In terms of performance, the phone is still very strong. A12 adopts 4-core GPU and 6-core CPU, in which GPU is 50% higher than the previous generation, CPU is 15% higher than the previous generation, and power consumption is 40% lower.

In addition, this CPU uses a combination of two performance cores + four performance cores, which can bring strong performance to the mobile phone. In terms of AI, Apple has also upgraded the new neural network unit, which can learn the user's usage habits according to the system and bring better experience for users.

In terms of detailed hardware parameters, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max both use 12 million pixel dual lens and 12 million pixel single lens, and use a wide-angle + long focus combination, which is no different from the dual camera solution of the iPhone 7 plus. But from the official sample, we can see that the final imaging effect is very good.

The aperture sizes of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are: the wide-angle lens is f / 1.8, the pixel sensor is 1.4 & mu; m, and it is composed of six lenses; the long focus is f / 2.4, which supports twice the optical zoom. In addition, both lenses support OIS optical anti shake. Although the iPhone Xer adopts single shot, its aperture reaches f / 1.8 and its pixel is 12 million.

The introduction of iPhone XS is here for the time being. Whether it's good or not depends on the individual's demand for the mobile phone. However, I believe that the fruit powder will continue to support it.