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Guest list of 2018 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn evening party

In a period of time, the annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming. It is reported that this year's mid autumn night of Hunan Satellite TV is held outdoors in Guanyao ancient town, Changsha. Who are the guests? Every year's mid autumn evening party of Hunan Satellite TV is a star. Let's see who is there this year?

2018 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn evening guest list

2018 Hunan Satellite TV mid autumn evening party will be broadcast at 19:30 p.m. on September 24. This year's mid autumn night will be held outdoors in tongguanyao ancient town, Changsha. There will be a grand scene of thousands of people praying to put lanterns on the stage. At present, there is a tense artist invitation and confirmation. Which one do you expect most for this year's mid autumn night?

At present, it has been determined that CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV will hold a party on the Mid Autumn Festival. At present, the list of mid autumn evening parties of the latter mango platform has been exposed by a famous big V, which are: he Jiong, Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, Yu Kewei, Zhang Bichen, huozun, Hu Xia, Yang Yuying, Wei Xun, Fenghuang legend, Li Yugang, she Shiman, Zhong Hanliang, Yu Mengyu, Sun Yi, Xu Haiqiao Luo Yunxi, Zhang Danfeng, Xu Zhengxi, Yuan Shanshan, Qian Zhenghao, martial arts, etc. It can be said that the lineup can be called luxury. There are many famous young students, powerful singers and idols!

Li Yuchun and Hua Chenyu are also on the same stage again after the variety show "son of tomorrow", and there is also she Shiman who is on fire in the mainland with the help of "Yanxi strategy". The whole party can be said to be full of watching points!

Although from this summer, the ratings of Hunan Satellite TV have been unsatisfactory, but there are many parties held, one by one, the lineup is stronger, and the Mid Autumn Festival party is not the first time to hold, so there are also a lot of experience, and it will be the night of confrontation with CCTV!

For the guest lineup this time, it also arouses numerous netizens' expectation!

Program list / broadcast time of 2018 mid autumn night party of Hunan Satellite TV

Broadcast time: 19:30 PM, September 24

Theme of the party: Tianya at this time

Recording place: tongguanyao ancient town, Changsha

Star lineup: Luo Yunxi, Qian Zhenghao, she Shiman, Xu Zhengxi, Xu Haiqiao, Wei Xun, martial arts

Highlights of the party:

① 2018 night of the Mid Autumn Festival broke the traditional studio recording mode of the evening party and entered the outdoor live recording of tongguanyao ancient town in Changsha for the first time.

② The evening party creatively created two stages, forming two parallel time and space. The main stage is the tongguanyao water show stage, which is perfectly integrated with the lake to complete the presentation of the main body of the program. The sub stage is set in the bustling Tongguan ancient street, hoping to lead the audience to enjoy the mid autumn festival through wonderful performances and traditional folk arts.

③ This year's evening party also set up a large-scale behavior show that can let the whole people participate in the Tongguan kiln and put lanterns to pray with thousands of people, and together with the title business blue moon, through online and offline linkage, invited the audience to take their loved ones to Tongguan kiln Shizhu lake to put lanterns to light their colorful wishes and share the joy of mid autumn reunion.