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How can I buy a children's ticket by plane? How can I get a cheap child ticket?

It will soon be the Mid Autumn Festival. Of course, along with the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, many parents will take their children to play in other places. It is inevitable to fly, so how to buy children's tickets by air? How to buy cheap children's tickets?

How can I buy a ticket for children?

Children's air tickets refer to the air tickets purchased by infants and children under the age of 12 when they are flying in accordance with the provisions of the rules of passenger luggage transportation of civil aviation of China. The vast majority of airlines do not allow children under the age of 12 to fly alone, and they must use accompanying services, which is the responsibility of check-in personnel.

Air tickets are generally more expensive than other means of transportation, especially in holidays. So when we buy tickets, we also want to know why children's tickets are so expensive. Generally speaking, children's tickets have a discount, but children's tickets are not convenient during holidays. How to buy the most preferential children's ticket is believed that experienced parents can make perfect use of how to buy the preferential children's ticket. At present, most flights of many airlines do not restrict children to buy 50% discount tickets of adult full price tickets. Some platform parties also said that once the price of adult ticket is lower than that of child ticket, the system will automatically identify and make the child ticket consistent with the adult discount ticket price.

Are children's tickets cheap

In addition, it is also very convenient to buy children's tickets on the airline's website. For example, it is convenient to buy tickets from Beijing Capital Airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport on September 24, of which the special ticket is 500 yuan, the adult full price ticket is 2200 yuan, and the adult discount ticket price is lower than the half price ticket for children. When I choose one adult ticket and one child ticket, I find that the system automatically selects the ticket with lower price, that is, two tickets are each 500 yuan, plus airport construction fee and fuel surtax 60 yuan, a total of 1060 yuan. Children don't have to pay any taxes to buy adult discount tickets.

So want to know how to buy the most preferential tickets for children on holidays? It's better to buy them together with adult tickets. In holidays, the reason why children's tickets are expensive is also because there are many people. Low price tickets have been bought long ago, and the rest of the prices are naturally expensive. It should be noted that when buying baby tickets, domestic and international routes are involved, and the policies of each airline are slightly different. With the fierce competition of airlines and the emergence of low-cost airlines, adult discount tickets will have a 20-30% discount in the off-season of tourism, and more and more "cabbage price" tickets, which leads to children's tickets more expensive than adult tickets.