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Why does Li Ge call Li Qian four? What is Li Qiansi?

With a song "let me do your eyes" song popular network Liz, recently again on the matter, we see the voice of Li Ge comment area a lot of people in brush 1400. So why is LIGO called LIGO? What is Li Qiansi? Let's get to know.

Why is LIGO called Lizzie

Originally, after he became popular, Liz seldom sang on the jitter, but he just sold some video. Sure enough, people's red is not much! Now the net exposes Lizi even when the fast hand only broadcasts the 'code price' plus WeChat to 1400 yuan, but also thinks that this price is not expensive. LIGO is so upright when she asks for money. I don't know what she thinks.

There are still a lot of local tyrants buying such open money. The gifts are swiped every minute. After all, LIGO has tens of millions of fans, not tens of thousands of them are millionaires. But for ordinary people, 1400 yuan, half a month's salary, LIGO's wechat may also have its own team, team brush gifts!

Once the news was revealed, the fans of LIGO fell by more than 1 million in less than an hour. More netizens came out and revealed that LIGO once asked 30000 yuan for a sky high price plus wechat, and said in the program that they would not reply even if they added wechat. But this thing is very normal. The industry of anchorman depends on this to make money. You love me.

What do netizens think of it

For LIGO's marked price plus wechat, netizens said:

"This is the representative of typical inflation. I'm really like a star. Besides, stars don't take money. They can shine with a little sunshine. '

"Behind her, there was a trembling voice to defend her. Now many videos about her saying that sentence have been officially deleted. '

"No one is in charge of it? No one is in charge of rectifying it? The bad social atmosphere is brought by the net red which cries" positive energy "every day. Water can carry a boat or capsize it. '

'funny 1400 helps the poor and charity, and will not give it to you. I don't know you or want to add you. Without fans, you are nothing. Let her witness the powerful power of fans. She has brought the values of teenagers bad. '

'it's not advisable to worship money. '

'you can laugh, it was Li 30000, now it's only 1400, it's a great reward!!! Blood earned well.'