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What is the oldest animal in the world? Live forever unless eaten

Do you know what is the oldest animal in the world? The lighthouse jellyfish is called the "immortal jellyfish". More precisely, it should be 'rejuvenated'. The lighthouse jellyfish will live forever unless eaten. It's just terrible.

Unless eaten by other animals, lighthouse jellyfish are 'immortal'. Its life state should be changed from adult to juvenile again, which is called "Immortality". If the life form is changed only once, it can't be called "Immortality". The idea that lighthouse jellyfish will still die under normal conditions may be based on the false conclusion that a scientific experiment is not rigorous.

Lighthouse jellyfish do not violate the biological laws. They will still die under normal conditions. The saying of "Immortality" may be based on the false conclusion of an imprecise scientific experiment.

The lighthouse jellyfish did not violate biological rules in 1996. Piraino et al. Conducted transformation induction experiments on 4000 jellyfish of different development stages under different environmental conditions, including: (1) starvation; (2) sudden change of water temperature (increase or decrease); (3) decrease of salinity; (4) mechanical damage. The results show that the transformation from Medusa type to Hydra type occurs in different developmental stages of the jellyfish, but the transformation process varies with the development of the Medusa type.

The life state of the lighthouse jellyfish should be changed from adult to juvenile again, and the life form is only changed once.

Expansion information:

Lighthouse jellyfish (scientific name: turritopsis nutricula): it is a small jellyfish. The body is bell shaped, with a diameter of about 4-5 mm. The body is transparent and can see the red digestive system, which looks like a lighthouse, hence the name. The stomach of the jellyfish in the lighthouse is huge and presents bright red color with cross section.

Most of them live in tropical waters. It is carnivorous and feeds on plankton, small crustaceans, polychaetes and even small fish. Lighthouse jellyfish can reproduce asexually from Hydra, which is the only known organism that can recover from sexual maturity to larval stage. It takes 25 to 30 days to reach sexual maturity at 20 ℃. It is mainly distributed in the sea area of the Caribbean, but because of the ballast water discharged by ocean going ships, it gradually spreads to other adjacent sea areas, and spreads to the offshore areas of Spain, Italy and Japan.