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How long will the steamed crab be cooked? How to choose the best crab?

In the eyes of many people, crabs are rare delicacies. Fresh and tender crab meat and nutritious crab roe can make people drool. How long does it take for the crab to steam? What are the skills for steaming the crab?

How long can crabs be cooked by steaming

Steamed crab keeps the original flavor of the essence, so it is very popular with the people who eat it. Steaming appears to be simple. Actually, it is very particular. Oh, it is necessary to master the heat and time, otherwise it will destroy the crab's delicacy.

Wash the crabs with water and put them into the pot to boil with water. After the water boils, wait another 20 minutes for the crabs to come out of the pot. If the crabs are large, extend the cooking time to ensure the complete elimination of the parasite eggs.

How to steam crabs:

1. Before steaming the crab, first use a small brush to clean the crab's shell and legs, and then put them into water for half a day, so as to remove the dirt in the abdomen. Tips: before steaming, pour a proper amount of white wine on the living crab to marinate slightly, which will taste better

2. Before steaming, tie the claws with a rope to prevent the claws from falling off and the crab oil from flowing out. Tips: if you wrap the whole crab with straw, it will be more delicious

3. Put some water on the bottom of the pot and steam on the steaming tray for 15-20 minutes. It's not suitable to open the lid during the cooking process, and it should be steamed thoroughly at one time, otherwise it will affect the taste of the crab. Tips: in the process of steaming, you can pat the ginger and dice it into vinegar, and then it can be eaten with vinegar after it's cooked

Although crab is nutritious and delicious, we must pay attention to some things:

1: When buying crabs, we must choose to buy them alive. Although the price of dead crabs is half cheaper, they may contain poison. For the sake of safety, we should not be greedy for cheaper ones.

2: In order to wash the crab thoroughly, clean the dead corner of the crab's belly with a clean toothbrush to prevent sediment or sludge residue.

How to pick crabs?

There are four characteristics of high quality hairy crab: green back, yellow hair, golden claw and white belly. The brightness of the back is high and the hardness is good; when you open the navel, you can see that the interior is full and transparent red. The darker the two red dots on the abdomen, the fatter the crab roe and the crab paste.

Choose crabs carefully and have a look at their shells. The back of the shell is dark green with light, which is thick and strong; the back of the shell is yellow, mostly thin and weak. Look at the navel. For those with protruding navel, they are all full of cream and fat; for those with sunken navel, most of them are not fat enough. Third, look at pincers. All the fluff on the claw foot is clumped, and the claw foot is old and healthy, but without fluff, the body is soft. Fourth, vitality. Turn the crab around with its abdomen facing up to the sky. The crab that can turn back quickly with sting and foot spring has strong vitality and can be preserved. The crab that can't turn back has poor vitality and can't be stored for a long time. Five, male and female. In the eighth and the ninth month of the lunar calendar, female crabs are selected, and male crabs are selected after the ninth month, because the gonads of male and female crabs are mature at these two times respectively, and the taste and nutrition are the best.