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How about the explosion of juice in thermos? Fresh juice is best to drink in one hour

How is it that the juice is fried when it is put into the thermos? Many people like to keep the juice that they can't finish drinking in the fridge, but there is also a great security risk in this way. Ms. Zhang, who lives in the north of Xi'an City, didn't know how to squeeze the watermelon juice into a heat preservation cup and store it in the refrigerator. There was an explosion. The watermelon juice squirted out, making the refrigerator everywhere.

≫ & gt; 'terrorist events'

Watermelon juice in the fridge 'exploded'

Ms. Zhang told the Chinese business newspaper about the 'terrorist incident' that happened in her home.

'I bought a big watermelon at home and ate only a little. I thought it would not be fresh the next day, so I squeezed it into watermelon juice and put it in two thermos cups and put it in the refrigerator. Think it should be better to keep fresh. 'Ms. Zhang said that she was going to drink it the next day, but she was busy all day and completely forgot about the watermelon juice.

'after work in the evening, two friends came to my house. We were chatting. Suddenly we heard a thud in the refrigerator. We opened the door of the refrigerator and saw that a thermos bottle was opened, and the watermelon juice flowed all over the refrigerator & hellip; & hellip;'

Ms. Zhang said that just as she was cleaning up the refrigerator, another thermos cup burst, the lid cup burst, and the watermelon juice gushed out, 'I really don't understand why the watermelon juice would explode when it was put in the thermos cup?'

Banana milk explosion happened in other places

When watermelon juice is put into a thermos cup, it will explode. Is it an accident or a rule? A reporter from Huashang daily found that there was an explosion of banana milk in the thermos cup in other places. Netizen 'Class 1, 2013 marketing, Fuda School of economics and management' tweeted: 'there was an explosion in the dormitory the night before yesterday. After inspection, it was a roommate who squeezed banana milk the night before yesterday and forgot to drink it in a thermos cup. When he went to bed, the thermos cup exploded, (banana milk) sprayed all over the floor of the bed board. Who knows the principle?' according to the netizen, 'there was a smell of acid and fragrance when the explosion happened The banana milk is rotten. 'the netizen said that the banana milk was not heated and preserved. The thermos cup was originally tightened and the cover was opened after the explosion. Fortunately, no one was injured. The thermos cup can still be used normally.

Why does watermelon juice 'spray' for a long time?

Zhang explained that watermelon juice placed in the cup for more than 10 hours continuously gushed during the experiment, and the other two kinds of juice also had obvious gas gushing when the lid was opened. According to the experimental results, it is speculated that it is the result of the continuous growth of bacteria during the storage of fruit juice, which produces gas and increases the air pressure in the cup, resulting in 'gushing'. At this time, the taste has lost the original smell of fruit, obviously with the bad smell of corruption.

She said that except for the low protein content, the other nutrients in fruit juice are all good, providing nutrients for the reproduction of bacteria, while most pathogens can survive under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Zhang said that the sugar content of watermelon and grape juice is more suitable for yeast reproduction, so the phenomenon of gas production is particularly prominent.

So, is fruit juice still drinkable? How to keep it? Zhang suggested that fruit juice should be squeezed and drunk now, and it should be finished within one hour as much as possible. Because fruit juice is stored for 1-4 hours, bacteria increase, metabolism is active, and toxic metabolites are easily produced. The number of bacteria in 6-8 hours will rise in a logarithmic straight line and enter a large number of breeding period. The environment of the thermos cup is closed, which is more conducive to the growth of bacteria. Put in the juice, and soon the thermos cup will be occupied by bacteria. If watermelon juice and other fruit juices need to be stored, it is recommended to refrigerate them as soon as possible, but cold storage can only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and can not freeze to death pathogenic bacteria, and even some bacteria can still reproduce and grow in the refrigerator. For example, acute gastroenteritis and food poisoning caused by Yersinia are also known as "refrigerator disease", which can also contaminate food at 0 ℃. So even if it's fresh, it's better not to put it in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours.