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What's a good gift for a female teacher on teacher's Day 2018? What gift does the female teacher lik

Teacher's Day is four days away. Teachers are the greatest people in the world. They educate people and work hard all their lives. What kind of gift is it for teachers when teacher's day comes? What kind of gift is it for women teachers?

Send handmade works

Handwork can be said to be one of the most sincere gifts. If you like to do handwork very much at ordinary times, it's better to send your teacher a handwork on teacher's day. It can be a bag made by yourself, a ceramic vase made by yourself, or a flower arrangement made meticulously.

Send crafts

If you buy Handicrafts directly, you can also control the price. In fact, for teachers, we do not want students to give very expensive gifts, but rather cost-effective gifts. Teachers prefer some of them. Only in this way, we will not burden teachers. The monitor can use the class fee to buy a piece of handicraft within 300 yuan. In the selection of crafts, we can refer to teachers' preferences and temperament.

A packet of snacks

In fact, some young teachers and students are not too different in age. They also like some delicious snacks. Especially some young female teachers, like all girls, have no resistance to all kinds of delicious snacks. Therefore, on Teachers' day, students can give their teachers a package of snacks, such as a package of pistachios, or dried fruits such as padanmu. This kind of dried fruit is not only healthy, but also can express your mind.

Desk accessories

The desk, for every teacher, is a very close place and the place where they stay for the longest time. Students can give their teachers a lovely and exquisite office table decoration on Teachers' day. If you want to highlight a little creativity. You can go to some crafts processing market to customize a craft ornament for your teacher. Try to be unique in modeling, and then carve some more interesting blessing words on it.

A set of stationery

Teachers, like students, also need a lot of stationery, especially pens, ballpoint pens and other commonly used stationery. For this purpose, students can give teachers a stationery suit. You can buy some stationery for teachers in some stationery stores or online. It's better to buy pen sets. Because compared with ballpoint pens and pencils, pens look more expensive. Besides, most teachers like to write with pens except for correcting their homework. It is said that practicing pen characters can also play a role in self-cultivation.

Intimate items

Teachers are one of the most respectable professions in the world. Teachers who work hard for their students often suffer from common diseases such as pharyngitis or cervical vertebra due to professional reasons. In view of this situation, the students can give the teacher some intimate small things. For example, make a thermos cup for the teacher, or give the teacher a comfortable pillow.

The origin of teachers' Day

September 10 is determined to be teachers' day, because at the beginning of new students' enrollment, they begin to respect teachers and emphasize teaching activities, which can create a good atmosphere for teachers to teach well and students to learn well. At the same time, there are few national festivals in September, which is convenient for all parties to focus on organizing activities and highlighting publicity reports, so as to promote a good social fashion of respecting teachers, teaching, knowledge and talents nationwide.

The establishment of teachers' Day marks that teachers are respected by the whole society in China. This is because the work of teachers to a large extent determines the future of our country. The work of teachers is closely related to every family, every child, teenager and youth. In the development and progress of human society, teachers play a huge role. Teachers are engineers, disseminators and builders of human civilization. The continuity of the development of human civilization depends on the work of teachers from generation to generation. If there is no hard and effective work of teachers in a society, a country and a nation, the civilization process of that society, country and nation will suffer losses. Therefore, it is unimaginable for a history of civilization to leave the factor of teachers.