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How does postpartum milk water shortage do? Recommended recipes for postpartum delivery

many expectant mothers will be impatient after childbirth, so what's the best thing to eat if they don't have enough milk? New mothers are paying more and more attention to breastfeeding, and the role of breastfeeding has gradually been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But for mothers with insufficient milk, which foods and milk do they eat more? The quality of breastfeeding mother's milk directly determines the baby's physical health.

What milk do you eat during lactation

1. Lettuce

There are two kinds of lettuce: leaf lettuce and stem lettuce. Leaf lettuce is also called "lettuce", while stem lettuce is called "lettuce". They are rich in nutrients. According to the analysis, except for iron, all other nutrients are higher in leaves than stems. Therefore, when eating lettuce, it is better not to discard the leaves instead of eating them.

2. Tofu.

Bean curd has the effect of nourishing qi and promoting body fluid, moistening dryness, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and it is also a kind of milk promoting food. To tofu, brown sugar, wine and boiled with water, can be raw milk.

3. Peanuts

Peanut can be used for spleen deficiency, nausea, edema, leucorrhea, anemia, various kinds of hemorrhagic disease, dry cough, cough, postpartum prolactin and other diseases.

4, peas

Peas, also known as green peas, have a sweet taste. They are rich in phosphorus, about 400mg per hectare. Pea is good for urination, fluid production, detoxification, diarrhea and milk. Green peas can be boiled and eaten lightly or mashed with pea seedlings to extract juice.

5. Zizania latifolia

As a vegetable, Zizania latifolia is not only delicious and nutritious, but also contains carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and many minerals. Zizania latifolia is sweet and cold in nature. It has the functions of relieving heat toxin, preventing thirst, promoting defecation and promoting milk. At present, water bamboo, pig's hoof and thoroughbred are commonly used for cooking and eating, which has a better milk promoting effect.

6. Prawn creeper

Prawn creeper has a strong role in milk, and is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which is beneficial to children and pregnant women, as well as the skin quality and development of baby. But the premise is that prawn crawling is not allergic, and do not eat too much. Pregnant women who are allergic should not eat too much, and ordinary pregnant women should not eat too much. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of fresh shrimp crawlies.

After childbirth, the function of spleen and stomach has not been recovered, the breast starts to secrete milk, the breast tube is not smooth enough, and it is not suitable to eat a large number of greasy milk promoting (milk) food. In cooking, it is better to use less frying and take more easily digestible stewed food with soup. It is better to follow the tradition of "it is better to clean before production and warm after production". It is better to eat less cold food and avoid eating malt, malt and beer that affect milk secretion.

Breastfeeding diet recommendation now advocate breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers how to do less milk, eat more milk? How to do? Usually eat what vegetables?

Recommended recipes for breastfeeding mothers

1. Pig's hoof soup

Main ingredients: 1 pig's hoof, 10g herb, 1500ml water, onion, salt, rice wine and other seasonings.

Production method:

Put all the ingredients together in a casserole. Boil the water over high heat. Turn to low heat and cook slowly for 1-2 hours until the pig's hooves are rotten. Puerpera mainly drink more soup and milk. Eat meat and soup, once a day, even take 3-5 days can be effective.

Efficacy: Zhuti decoction is rich in protein, fat, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood. And the function of water and milk is beneficial to the communication of grass.

2. Fermented egg soup

Ingredients: 1 piece of wine and 1 egg

Production method: Boil the wine with water, beat an egg again, boil it into egg flower shape, and take it while it is hot.

Efficacy: Fermented egg flower soup can promote lactation, replenish qi, promote blood circulation and stop bleeding.

3. Shrimp porridge

Ingredients: 30g shrimp, 100g japonica rice.

How to make it: make congee with japonica rice and water. When the congee is almost cooked, put the washed shrimp into it and cook it together. When the shrimp congee is thick, you can eat it.

Efficacy: shrimp porridge is rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this porridge can nourish the kidney and invigorate the Yang, and it is beneficial to master milk. People who lack milk secretion of postpartum mothers should often eat it.

4. Crucian carp soup

500g fresh crucian carp, descaling and viscera removal, 60g soybean sprout (or 6G Tongcao, available in traditional Chinese medicine store), boiled soup, twice a day, fish soup, for 3-5 days. Crucian carp soup should be light.

5. Carp congee

A live carp (about 500g) is cut into small pieces after descaling and viscera removal, and porridge is cooked with white rice or millet. Don't put salt in porridge, eat it lightly. If you use a carp soup, add a little soy sauce, but do not put salt, eat meat and drink soup, the effect is also good.

6. Light elbow

One pig elbow, one for angelica and one for Wang buliuhang (available in traditional Chinese medicine store), 100:2:2 ratio of the three, stewed in clear water and low heat until cooked. Eat meat for lunch and soup for dinner.