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What do crickets eat better? What do crickets eat more?

Crickets have been kept as pets in ancient China. Until now, crickets are also used for fighting. How to feed crickets? What kind of food do crickets eat to fight?

About feeding:

Crickets are omnivorous. They eat all kinds of crops, saplings and vegetables. Crickets grow better when they can feed high protein food, and soybeans and other things are better. If you want to raise it better, feed some fish, loach, shrimp and so on. The simplest thing is to feed fish feed, which has a fishy smell.

In the early autumn, crickets are mainly fed with cereals. Sometimes they can also feed some fruits. At this stage, feeding is based on the insect's satiety, without worrying about others. The food must be soft. Do not feed rigid rice or overnight food. Every few days, we can sigh that some cooked shrimps, chestnuts, soybeans and other greasy foods such as chubby meat and winter melon kernel are always fed to chickens, ducks and pork, so as to prevent anorexia and insect oil spilling in the future. In cricket's food, do not touch with wine, oil, salt, sauce and other items. If crickets touch these items, their harm is very great. The food should be placed regularly and quantitatively. The quantity of food should be more than enough, not less than enough. Generally, in early autumn, insects can eat three or four grains of porridge and rice sized food with large amount. If they place more food, they will stop eating after they are full, and will automatically do quantitative.

Dabu feed: boiled crab or shrimp meat in clear water! Pay attention to boiled water! Fly heads, mosquitoes with blood ~ pay attention that Dabu food can not be fed all the time! Crickets will age in advance as long as they are fed before or within one day after the Big Dipper! As little as possible. Otherwise, crickets will die of premature aging.

What do crickets like to eat?

Crickets in the wild generally like to eat buds, leaves and roots. In the wild, crickets have a very mixed food, but they need high protein food. If there is no proper food, they will kill each other. In addition to eating all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, the crickets will also choose some food and make a rich nutritional meal in proportion. Let it grow healthier and stronger.

What crickets eat makes them fight harder

A little pepper before the fight. It can also be fed with pepper flavored meat products, which will stimulate its combat power.

Feeding precautions:

When feeding every day, pay attention not to feed too much, as long as the crickets can eat all the food. In the process of feeding, the breeder can mix a variety of food reasonably to meet the demand of cricket growth for food nutrition.

Cricket living environment:

Put a layer of soil under the jar for crickets, and the soil must be moist, so that crickets can live long. It's better to keep the jar opaque. If it's transparent, put it in the dark so that it won't be frightened. The mouth of the jar must be ventilated, or it will suffocate.