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2018 what do you think of Alipay's public welfare bill? Where can I see Alipay's public welfare bill

Where do you see the Alipay 2018 public welfare bill? What is the Alipay 2018 public service bill checking method?

Recently, Alipay launched the 2018 public welfare bill function, where you can clearly see all the love you have contributed in this year, such as ant forest, ant manor, donation, and so on.

1, open Alipay, you can find it in the front page, as shown below.

2. After entering, many people don't pay attention to it. Pull up at the bottom of the interface to enter the next interface.

3. Then you can see the information from related public welfare here.

4. Finally, you can share the relevant links, such as "test my commonweal Wizard" and "open my commonweal account" below to see more information.