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Tips for kissing your girlfriend for the first time

The first time you communicate with a girl, are you a little anxious as an ignorant young man? When you are in love, there must be further actions. So what are the precautions for the first kiss with your girlfriend? What are the skills for the first kiss?

If you are kissing for the first time, Xiaobian suggests that you should be ready to act again. The first kiss can be said to be a very important thing in your life. If you kiss well, I believe it will be unforgettable for both of you. So first of all, it is very important for boys to have a fresh breath. Brush your teeth or chew gum first. If a mouthful of garlic or a lick of vegetable leaves appears in the process of kissing, your old face will be thrown in. Fresh breath will bring you closer.

Then, find a quiet place where you are the only two. Climb the mountain to see the stars and the moon to see the sunrise. It's the best place with a bit of romantic atmosphere. Point out that no one else is present, so that even if you are beaten, no one will see you~

At last, we can get to the point. If you are shy, you can first point to the other side to let her watch. After watching her, you will naturally turn your head. At this time, you can quickly put your mouth to the position where she turns her head. When she turns her head, it's natural to do it. Isn't it in TV dramas? It's classic though it's old-fashioned. At this time, you just need to be a little old and you are responsible for me.

Or tell her to give her a gift, let her close her eyes, and give her a kiss at this time. When it's time to be shameless, it's time to be shameless.

Of course, if you are a rough wind, then go straight to it, hold your girlfriend's waist with your hand, and gradually approach her face with your face, aiming at the position of your mouth, a little closer, until the distance between the two is zero.

For the first time, Xiaobian suggested that the boy kiss his lips and let go of them. Just skim the water, then look at her affectionately. If your girlfriend is shy rather than angry at this time, you can start the second time.

Isn't it super simple after watching it? Xiaobian thinks that if both parties want to, kissing is sooner or later, but it must be the boy's initiative~