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What's going on with the blacklist of high-speed rail bullies? Popular netizens like it

It's a great pleasure that the high-speed rail bully man was blacklisted. Previously, he was reviled due to the incident of high-speed rail bully, and then released a video, which is the rhythm of death. It's estimated that he can only travel by plane in the future!

In August, the national public credit information center announced the announcement of new joint punishment objects for dishonesty, and 247 people were restricted from taking the train due to serious dishonesty. The reporter noted that sun he appeared in the 'blacklist' and was restricted to all train seats.

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The high-speed rail man who "dominates the seat" is fined 200 yuan and included in the railway credit system

According to the official microblog of Jinan Railway Bureau on the afternoon of August 24, the railway public security department has completed the investigation and evidence collection of the recent incident of "dominating the seat" of passengers concerned by the society. Jinan Railway Public Security Department, in accordance with the provisions of Article 23, paragraph 1, paragraph 3 of the law on administrative penalties for public security, imposed a public security fine of 200 yuan on sun.

The railway passenger transport department shall record the information of the passenger in the railway credit system according to the provisions of the opinions on properly restricting certain serious dishonest people to take the train to promote the construction of social credit system within a certain period of time and the administrative measures on restricting the serious dishonest people in the field of Railway passenger transportation to purchase tickets, and restrict their purchase of tickets to take the train within a certain period of time.