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How to eat moon cake on Mid Autumn Festival? What tea is the best with moon cakes?

Mid Autumn Festival is coming. It's a tradition since ancient times for the whole family to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes together. Moon cakes are delicious, but if they eat too much, they will easily suffer from indigestion or even nausea and flatulence. So when eating moon cakes, you can be careful. What's the most healthy way to eat moon cakes in mid-term Festival?

1. Sweet moon cake drink digestible tea

Such as: Date mud, bean paste, lotus paste, pineapple crisp and other sweet moon cakes.

Recommended tea: mint tea, green tea.

Sweet mooncakes should drink tea that helps digest. Light green tea and mint tea can enhance the metabolism of glucose and prevent too much sugar from staying in the body. The coolness of mint can also sweep away the sweetness in the mouth. The water temperature of green tea should be below 70 ℃, otherwise it is easy to destroy its rich vitamin C and catechin. These two kinds of tea are cold, suitable for hot and dry sweet moon cake, but it is easy to cold hands and feet or weak stomach people should not drink more, or drink after dinner.

2. Oil moon cake - drinking oil scraping tea

For example, egg yolk, meat and five kernels are relatively greasy moon cakes.

Recommended tea products: Pu'er tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea.

The greasy moon cake is suitable for the heavy taste tea to remove the greasy taste. Pu'er tea is the best choice, because it is sweet and cold, and has good degreasing effect. Eating yolk moon cake is easy to catch fire. Chrysanthemum tea can reduce the fire. Hawthorn tea can promote the secretion of gastric acid and help gastrointestinal digestion. For fermented Pu'er tea, the water temperature should be 100 ℃, and the first one or two bubbles should be poured out to remove impurities and taste better. And hawthorn tea is suitable for drinking after dinner, drink less before going to bed, because it is easy to cause stomach discomfort.

3. Salty moon cake - drinking oolong tea

Such as mung beans, salt and pepper taste belong to salty moon cakes.

Recommended tea: Oolong tea.

Oolong tea is a semi fermented tea, which is not as astringent as green tea. When you drink it, you will feel warm and moist. It can set off the salty and sweet taste of moon cakes. The best water temperature for making oolong tea is 90-100 ℃, and only the first three are taken, because the next tea will release more caffeine.

4. Light moon cake - drink slightly flavored tea

Such as Matcha, yam, yogurt and other flavors are lighter mooncakes.

Recommended tea products: rose tea, Matcha.

Light moon cake can be matched with slightly flavored tea to produce a light sweet taste. Rose tea can regulate blood circulation and is especially good for women. Catechin of mocha has anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. Both of them are suitable for health preserving regimen.

Warm tips: 1. Mooncake belongs to high fat, high sugar, high calorie and indigestible food. The overweight mm should be limited to one double yellow lotus seed moon cake per day. Obese people should consult their doctors about the amount of food they can eat, so as not to affect their health due to overeating.

2. Don't believe in so-called sugar free and low sugar mooncakes, which have no difference in calories from ordinary mooncakes. Sugar free low sugar mooncakes on the market generally replace sucrose with various syrup, or reduce the use of sucrose appropriately, which is not really sugar free.