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What's going on in three years? Does pregnancy really make people stupid?

in real life, do you always hear a lot of people say that a pregnant woman is stupid for three years, and she always loses her mind after pregnancy? What is the matter? What is the scientific basis behind the saying of "three years of pregnancy and stupidity"? Why do many women feel that they suddenly become stupid after pregnancy? What is the matter?

Maybe you don't have a baby yet, but you must have seen your relatives and friends in pregnancy or after giving birth to a baby, look like they're lost, unresponsive and inefficient. Think about it, "one pregnant and three years foolish". Well, it seems that there's nothing wrong with that.

In fact, these are very normal, because the hormone level in the pregnant mother's body has undergone tremendous changes during pregnancy. In order to take care of the baby and adapt to the baby, the brain structure will follow the changes; and a lot of energy and time are spent on the baby, and there is no energy to consider other things, so that, more or less, others feel a little bit insensitive. Especially in the third trimester, it is not only not smart, but also not sensitive. These are normal!

But please note that this is not to say that it will become 'silly', it has nothing to do with IQ.

Therefore, physiological changes lead to the pregnant mother's forgetfulness, decreased thinking ability and other symptoms, rather than brain problems. There's another way of saying that it's to better conceive babies.

Pregnant mother and postpartum to maintain a happy mood, strengthen nutrition, slowly will also recover, do not worry and fear too much, the body recovered, a good mood, become smart.

When there is pressure, don't carry it on your own. You should learn to share and tell to the people around you. When you feel that you have too many tasks and are too tired to finish them, you can ask your family to help you do housework and take care of your children. Don't shoulder all the responsibilities alone.

In general, don't mind what pregnancy silly infertility silly, happy most important, to have a healthy baby most important.