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What is lakeside university? Hupan university student list released

As soon as Liu Qinggang apologized, the students of Hupan University began to boil. Wang Zhian publicly scolded these people on Weibo. The so-called Hupan university is just like this. Lakeside university can be said to be the most top business tycoon school in China at present. The domestic business tycoons led by Ma Yun's father gathered together, but recently lakeside university group was sent to the hot search because of didi incident! So what famous entrepreneurs are there in Lakeside university?

Lakeside university group event

Due to the recent windmill incident, Ms. Liu Qing, President of Didi, and Mr. Cheng Wei, founder of Didi, jointly issued an apology letter on the evening of August 28, apologizing to the victims, their families and everyone. At present, Didi windmill business has also been offline indefinitely. This move is obviously positive. From the content of the apology letter, Didi's top management began to seriously reflect on the problems in the company's gallop. Tragedy has happened. It is also a correct attitude to reflect on the loopholes and mend them.

Compared with the murder of Zhengzhou stewardess in May, Didi has made great progress this time. Although there is no press conference, there is no 90 degree bow to apologize. Somehow, the head of the family came out in person.

However, when everyone criticizes Didi, for Liu Qing's apology statement, a wave of "Qingliu" has appeared in the Hupan university students. Unfortunately, Liu Qing's Hupan university students have brought her a secondary disaster -- in the wechat group of her classmates, expressing "love Liu Qing, please come on, it will be better and better!" the growth of the mind will surely bring the growth of the enterprise. "Please come on, it will get better and better! Didi is still the first choice for travel. '

Wang Zhian questioned and commented on didi Liuqing's behavior of encouraging and cheering for her, saying: 'what's wrong with this society? No one apologized for the dead, few people lamented for the victims. Entrepreneurs were raped and killed because of product defects. A few days later, they sent an apology letter, which made a lot of people come out to feel sorry. '

The following is the full text of Wang Zhian's microblog

As soon as Liu Qinggang apologized, the students of lakeside University began to boil, 'I love Liu Qing' and 'come on', one after another. Almost shouted 'tonight, we are all Liu Qing'. What's the matter with this society? No one apologized for the dead, few people lamented for the victims. Entrepreneurs were raped and killed because of product defects. A few days later, they sent an apology letter, which made a lot of people come out to feel sorry. Come on, add your sister!

A few days late, a pretentious apology attracted a group of students to cheer up, can you see the awe of life? Can you see the compassion for the parents whose lives were destroyed? No one apologized for the dead, no one mourned for the victims!

It's absolutely impossible to say that the growth of mind and power will surely bring about the growth of enterprises. Life and business should always focus on the latter one. The growth of enterprises is not worth 500 billion yuan, which is up to 1 trillion yuan. With Didi's attitude of rectification, can more innocent lives become costs?

Do these vivid figures just sacrifice on the altar of Didi's growth? Some people say that the bar is fine. What's the matter with the students?

According to the editor, such "comfort" can be said in private. Outsiders don't know it, and it's harmless. In private, who doesn't have the idea of "being invisible"? Unfortunately, someone screenshots the chat records in the class group.

Many netizens were shocked by this. It turns out that the realm of a group of particularly successful entrepreneurs in China is just like this - they also believe in the traditional values of "helping relatives but not helping others". I will support those who are in the same circle as me, that is, right and wrong are not important, right and wrong are not important, and position is the most important. Excuse me, where is your Sanguan?

If this is our cat and dog's group, it's enough to discuss and drink all day long. But this is the group of students from lakeside University. The elite of the elite usually need to be looked up to. You will definitely encounter the company they lead. If the people who represent the future are full of flattery and help their relatives or not, then this future is really not worth looking forward to.

Back to lakeside University. In the scene of wechat group, Liu Qing, who is in trouble, deserves to be in a mindset. What's the relationship between the girl killed and them? Because the former is near, the latter is far away. It's this proximity that makes people lose some ability to forget right and wrong. If the murdered girl is their relative, they will not wish Liu Qing the growth of heart power, which will surely bring the growth of the enterprise.

It should be said that helping relatives is a kind of human nature. In order to maintain this kind of feeling, it is understandable to forget right and wrong temporarily. It's understandable to watch my classmates suffer from great difficulties. If this kind of thing is only in the private circle, it's all. However, at last, some students are not deeply involved in 'classmate friendship', and have taken a screenshot of the chat record of wechat group.

It must be the people in the group who can take a screenshot. The students in the screenshot must think that right or wrong position is more important than friendship. As a result, they 'betrayed' their classmates, alumni and even schools.

Let's take a look at the board of directors: Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, Shao Xiaofeng. They are either entrepreneurs or university students. The name of Hupan university comes from Hupan Garden community in the early stage of Ma Yun's entrepreneurship. I think it's also true that the school is located near Huhu Bay, West Lake, Hangzhou. It covers a small area but has a large investment, The campus is designed by Yao Renxi, a famous designer in Taiwan. Wuzhen theater and Suzhou Chengpin bookstore are all his pens.

Hupan University, co founded by nine entrepreneurs and famous scholars, including Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, Shao Xiaofeng, is located near Wuhu Bay, West Lake, Hangzhou. Hupan University adheres to the principle of public welfare and non-profit, aiming to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs with Entrepreneurship in the era of new business civilization. The main target students are entrepreneurs who have been in business for more than three years. On March 27, 2015, the first student was enrolled; Ma Yun was the first president and Professor Zeng Ming was the dean. On April 19, 2017, Professor Zeng Ming served as the dean of education.

The first president will be Ma Yun. The first group of students will start classes after the Chinese New Year in 2015. The conditions for students to enter Hupan university are more than three years of entrepreneurship and more than 30 team members.

Hupan university is determined to preach and teach entrepreneurs, and will follow the principles of public welfare mentality and business practices, focus on training a new generation of entrepreneurs with Entrepreneurship in the era of new business civilization, and advocate sticking to the bottom line, improving society, and adhering to public welfare and non-profit.

Ma Yun said that lakeside university is different from other business schools. Lakeside university is not to train entrepreneurs how to start a business, but to make enterprises live longer. 'I hope to form a culture by the lake, so that every enterprise can live long and long. There are very few Chinese enterprises that have lived for more than 30 years, and the vision of this university is to do 300 years. '

Lakeside university has four major teaching modules. In addition to platform economy, building future organization, lakeside three board axe and other courses, there are also some compulsory courses that sound irrelevant to business. For example, ask a general to talk about how to deploy, artists to talk about art, and football coaches to talk about the layout of the game.

Hupan University's registration requirements are very strict. It needs to start a business for more than 3 years, with an annual revenue of more than 30 million yuan and provide tax payment certificate, etc. This year, more than 2600 people have signed up, 102 people have entered the interview process, and 48 people have finally accepted, with the enrollment rate less than 2%. It can be seen that it is not easy to be selected into lakeside University. Take this group of students as an example. The average starting years of new students are 8 years. In addition, the average annual tax payment of their start-up enterprises is 197 million yuan, and the average annual social security payment is 1615 people.

Application requirements: business decision makers who have been in business for more than 3 years, who need to provide tax payment certificate for 3 years, with a company scale of more than 30 people, and have 3 recommenders, at least one of whom is the designated recommender of Hupan University.

In short, an important admission principle of Hupan university is the performance of these entrepreneurs in the four words of "social responsibility". Lakeside university has also set clear rules for this -- students must have been in business for at least three years and provide tax payment certificates.

Ma Yun said that a good university, first of all, should have good students. Lakeside university has four issues so far. To be able to enter this group basically means to enter the apex of the entrepreneurial pyramid. For example, Liuqing's fourth phase, you can see, is very strong. The tuition is not expensive, two or three hundred thousand, but it is difficult to be selected. Registration is a recommendation system. Few big guys support you. They don't even know where to hand in the registration form.

You can see how difficult it is by looking at the members of the school board!

Name of board member

Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group

Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo Holdings

Chairman of fenglun Wantong Group

Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun Group

Shi Yuzhu, chairman of giant group

Shen Guojun, chairman of Yintai Department Store Group

Qian Yingyi Dean of School of economics and management, Tsinghua University

Cai Hongbin, Dean of Guanghua School of management, Peking University

Shao Xiaofeng, Secretary General of Alibaba Group

It is more difficult to be selected in the application. For example, in the third session, there were 2400 applicants, 79 interviewees, 79 enterprises with an average revenue of 2.59 billion yuan and an average tax payment of 139 million yuan. More than half of them have overseas income. 79 candidates were divided into 9 groups and interviewed by the school directors, sponsors and school directors as examiners. Each candidate will make a 5-minute keynote speech, then a 12 minute question session, and finally make a summary statement to the interviewer. For example, 48 people in phase IV were selected from more than 2600 people, with an average tax payment of 197 million. The final candidates can boast for a while.

As the president, Ma Yun has high hopes for Lakeside University, which is in line with Harvard. He believed that to develop and progress, China must have entrepreneurship and explore the future. Harvard, Yale and MIT are all great, but there is no such original business school in China. Today, China has the birth of a new economy. It's time and opportunity to have a school like Harvard. '