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How does the ice crust moon cake harden in the refrigerator? How to keep the ice crust moon cake?

Mid Autumn Festival ice moon cake is also a unique scenic spot, so how do you keep the ice moon cake? Many people know that the frozen mooncakes must be kept in a low temperature environment. Therefore, people will put the unfinished mooncakes in the refrigerator, but they will become rigid after taking them out, which seriously affects the consumption. So why do mooncakes harden in the refrigerator? Should frozen mooncakes be kept frozen or refrigerated?

Frozen or frozen moon cakes

In general, in the case of unopened, put the frozen moon cake in the refrigerator's cold storage for preservation, and take it out directly for consumption when you want to eat it. After that, keep the frozen mooncakes in the freezer. But the frozen mooncakes directly taken from the freezer's freezer can't be eaten immediately, because the mooncakes preserved in the freezer will become hard and taste bad. The best way is to change the frozen moon cake from the freezer to the freezer half an hour before eating, so that the moon cake will thaw naturally, so that you can taste the soft waxy and sweet ice skin moon cake.

The reason why the frozen moon cake becomes hard in the refrigerator

1. There are a lot of fatty substances in the common moon cake skin and stuffing box. It is normal that they will solidify after being refrigerated.

2. Cold storage is a kind of storage method for cooled food under cold storage temperature (often above freezing point), especially for fruits and vegetables, it is mainly to delay their life metabolism process and keep their freshness.

3. Part of the raw material of the ice skin moon cake is glutinous rice. The moon cake made of glutinous rice has a white appearance. It is kept in the freezer and in the refrigerator when it is sold.

The disadvantages of mooncakes in the refrigerator

Put the moon cake with packing box into the refrigerator, in such an environment, the preservation time of the moon cake will be longer. But after all, mooncakes are made of flour, oil, sugar and nuts and baked. Although for some kinds of mooncakes, putting them in the refrigerator can prolong their shelf life, it will still affect their flavor. This is because the starch in the raw material of moon cake is mellowed after baking and becomes soft. Under the condition of low temperature, the mellowed starch will precipitate water and become aged (i.e., "retrograde"), making the moon cake hard and taste worse.

Suggestions on preservation of frozen moon cake

Ice skin mooncakes should not be preserved for more than two hours at normal temperature. Therefore, the insulation measures must be taken at room temperature. For example, the bakers have prepared a special insulation bag for ice skin moon cakes or for ice cream. Under the protection of this bag, the ice skin can be kept from melting for two hours. In addition, when the frozen moon cake is stored, it should not be put together with other food and sundries, so as to avoid cross flavor and loss of original taste and characteristics.