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How to kiss ear tympanic membrane to break to return a responsibility? Little lovers kiss fiercely

It's not uncommon for lovers to have some special intimate actions when they are in communication, but do not be particularly violent, or there will be bad consequences. When a couple kiss, the girl sucks the boy's ear hard to make him feel pain. She is rushed to the hospital to find the eardrum ruptured and bleeding.

On August 27, Liu Gang, deputy chief physician of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery of the second people's Hospital of Hunan Province, said that the common rupture of eardrum was caused by foreign bodies, trauma or inflammation, while the rupture of eardrum caused by kissing was rare.

It turns out that a couple in their 20s rushed to the emergency department of the second people's Hospital of Hunan Province. The boy complained of ear pain. When the doctor asked the reason, the girl said shyly.

The boy told the doctor that his girlfriend felt pain, tinnitus and a little bleeding in his ears after kissing him hard, so he hurried to the hospital.

The doctor immediately checked and found a small amount of congestion in the boy's external auditory canal. After cleaning, under the fiber otoscope, he found a small perforation in the tympanic membrane of his right ear, surrounded by congestion and tinnitus, with hearing loss.

Liu Gang explained that tympanic membrane is also called eardrum. It is a thin membrane deep in the external auditory canal of the human body, only 0.1mm thick. It is a barrier to separate the external environment from the internal environment of the middle ear, to avoid sewage and foreign matters entering the ear, and to gather and transmit sound. Tympanic membrane is usually easy to be perforated or ruptured in ear canal inflammation and trauma, such as slapping. Negative pressure formed during kissing can also cause tympanic membrane perforation. The middle ear is susceptible to infection and hearing loss after perforation or rupture of the tympanic membrane. Fortunately, there is no nerve injury or infection in the boy, and the perforation can heal itself within one month, and no special treatment is needed after local disinfection and cleaning; if the tympanic membrane is not well grown after two months, the tympanic membrane repair can be performed at a selected time. After listening to Liu Gang's explanation, the two young people were relieved.

Liu Gang reminded that when young couples express their love by kissing, they must pay attention to not kissing the ear hole with force, so as to avoid the perforation of tympanic membrane caused by negative pressure. In life, in case of sudden ear pain, bleeding or hearing loss, we should be alert to whether there is tympanic membrane perforation. First of all, we should keep the ear canal dry, prevent water from entering the ear, do not dig out the ear by ourselves, and prevent the unclean instruments from entering the bacteria. At the same time, we should check in the hospital in time and deal with the problems as soon as possible.