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Can I eat the frozen moon cake? How to keep the ice moon cake best?

Will ice moon cakes melt in a day? Ice moon cakes are familiar to us all. It's a tradition since ancient times to eat moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival. Ice moon cakes are a common food in the south. How to preserve them?

Will the ice moon cake melt in a day

The ice moon cake will melt one day at normal temperature.

The storage method of ice skin moon cake is very exquisite, and it can't be preserved at normal temperature. Because the filling of ice skin moon cake is fresh jam, which is easy to deteriorate under normal temperature; secondly, the crust of ice skin moon cake is mainly made of glutinous rice. When the ice skin moon cake is more than 2 hours under normal temperature, it is possible that the ice skin will melt into sticky glutinous rice balls, and the cut moon cake is more likely to deteriorate. Therefore, the frozen mooncakes must be kept in the refrigerator, especially the cut mooncakes, which should be put in the freezer and eaten as soon as possible.

How to keep the ice moon cake

Refrigerated storage

You can buy the frozen moon cake and put it in the refrigerator. The temperature is 0-5 ℃ to keep it fresh. If the temperature is too high, the ice cake will melt and deform.

Sealed preservation

Because the sugar content of the ice moon cake will cause many bacteria to grow around, so it's better to pack the ice moon cake that can't be eaten completely in a sealed food preservation bag, and finally put it on a sealed shelf and put it in the refrigerator. In this way, bacteria can be effectively eliminated, and the smell of refrigerator can be avoided.

Can I eat the frozen moon cake when it's melted

The ice skin moon cake can be eaten even if it has melted.

The ice moon cake will become soft, sticky and deformed after melting. But the melted ice moon cake is still edible. Because the main ingredient of ice skin moon cake is glutinous rice, glutinous rice will soften or even melt away under the condition of temperature. The melted ice moon cake will not affect the eating, but the taste of the melted moon cake is slightly worse, so you can eat it at ease. Or you can put the frozen moon cake in the refrigerator again and eat it later.

All the traditional mooncakes are made of syrup, and the color is golden. Part of the raw material of the ice moon cake is glutinous rice. The appearance of the moon cake made of glutinous rice is white, so it is named ice moon cake.

Ice skin mooncakes are usually kept in the refrigerator, and they will be taken out and thawed before eating. However, due to the failure to control the temperature and time of the environment, ice skin mooncakes will be melted, sticky, deformed, etc., which will not affect eating.

However, it's better not to eat it if it's melted because it's out of the shelf life, or it's smelly or even moldy.