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Who is going to take the place of rocket girl c, yamy?

Rocket girl 101's main song "bump" was also launched yesterday, and on that day rocket girl 101 also performed. The little sister on the stage also let people see different rocket girls. To be honest, when listening to this "bump", I can't help but feel that this is what rocket girl 101 should look like.

​ from the new album, we see eight little sisters on the stage. Their positions are also neat, but it's obvious that yamy was in the middle at the beginning of the position, not the highest ranking Yang Chao, and the surpassing sister was also on the edge, but yamy really has the strength to stand in the middle.

In fact, it's reasonable for yamy to stand in position C. After all, the strength is very strong, the temperament is good, and the stage style is also very good. No wonder Huang Zitao called yamy the best person to stand in position C in creation 101.

​ on the other hand, of course, we also saw the highlight of yamy, that is, when he won the most popular group in the new Asian song list, although Yang Chaoyue stood in the middle of seven people. At that time, because sunnee was injured and didn't attend, we still spoke as the team leader yamy in the award-winning speech.

​ however, today's Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, zining, has returned. Many netizens said that after all, Meng Meiqi was born in position C. can she shake yamy when she comes back? In fact, after Meng Meiqi's return, although her popularity has been damaged, position C should remain.

​ but we know that some netizens said that the question about the C position must be Meng Meiqi's? After choosing the opponent to be yamy, isn't it the leader of the capital standing at the C position? I don't know what you will think about this point?

Ever since Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, and Zi Ning's three people returned from the group and returned to the event, they were in a hubbub on the Internet. Lohua's Sao operation was also tuckled by netizens, so many fans were scolding their brokerage firms. But after a long time, they finally came back, but the mirror was broken, and it was not so easy to recover completely. Penguin's group show, which was updated on August 22, still has only eight people.

Let's take a look at the latest activity poster stand, which is a little interesting. This time, yamy, the poster of the super Penguin alliance, replaced Meng Meiqi's C position in the first row, while Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi stood in the second row together. Meng Meiqi's fans are very dissatisfied with this. Meng Meiqi's fans denounced Penguin: many times, they have blurred their positions. Is this how the company fulfills the promise of the highest honor C of China's first women's League? During the competition, Meng Meiqi's fans tried to vote for real gold and silver. After the competition, we cooperated with the official publicity, did not lack of data, and all the cooperation resources also worked hard to support it. So now the first place is not even the C position of the poster, right? As a fan, I'm really cold hearted and I have to doubt the sincerity of the company.

For this time yamy replaced Meng Meiqi's c-digit, Meng Meiqi fans have already denounced on Weibo and are ready to complain to the higher level, because they think this is the c-digit hit by real gold and silver. If the c-digit is blurred like this, it's a cheat on them. Will Penguin modify the poster, and so on.