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Can pregnant women eat Euryale nuts? How to eat the best Gorgon?

Is chicken head rice a Gorgon? As a special food in South China, do you like it? Gorgon contains starch, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other elements. After eating, it can fully supplement the ingredients needed by human body and increase the absorption function of small intestine. Euryale ferox has so many nutritional values, so how should Euryale ferox be eaten? What method is better to use Euryale ferox?

Can pregnant women eat Euryale nuts

Pregnant women can eat Euryale ferox, which has health care effect. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Euryale ferox has a flat nature, has the effect of tonifying kidney and essence, tonifying spleen, stopping diarrhea and removing dampness. It is usually used for those who are turbid, carried, enuresis, urinate, and also turbid. Moreover, in ancient Chinese medicine books, Euryale ferox is called "not old for infants, but for the elderly". Its health care effect can be seen. Therefore, pregnant mothers to be It is very suitable for eating.

Pregnant women are in a special period, the demand for nutrients is very large, and Gorgon is also a kind of nutritious food, rich in starch, can provide heat energy for the human body, at the same time, the content of vitamins is also relatively rich, can supplement nutrition for the body, pregnancy often feel tired, can also eat more Gorgon.

But the Gorgon must be cooked before eating, and do not eat more at a time, so as not to cause indigestion, pregnant mother must avoid Oh, eat some properly.

How do you eat the Gorgon?

Euryale ferox

Pour 50g of stir fried euryale seed into the pot, add water and boil for a while, then add 100g of washed rice, congee can be eaten.

Euryale fern paste

Grind 1000 g of stir fried Euryale ferox into powder. When serving, take 50-100 g of powder and mix with boiling water. As you like, you can add sesame, peanut kernel, walnut meat, etc.

Congee with bean paste

Stir fry 30 grams of Gorgon, 20 grams of lentils, 10 red dates and 100 grams of glutinous rice to make porridge with water.

Stewed duck with Gorgon fruit

After the old duck is slaughtered, remove the hair, viscera and blood water, then put 200g of the washed raw Euryale into the duck belly, put it in a casserole, add some water, boil it with fire, put in onion, ginger, cooking wine, simmer it for 2 hours, until the duck meat is cooked and rotten. When eating, add a little salt and monosodium glutamate, eat meat and drink soup.

The nutritional value of Euryale ferox in Guangdong old fire soup, you will often find the figure of Euryale ferox, Cantonese people like to use Euryale ferox as soup herbs to eat. Euryale ferox, which can be used for food and medicine, is so powerful because of its rich material content.

According to scientific determination, every 100 grams of Euryale ferox contains: calcium: 37 mg, riboflavin: 0.09 mg, phosphorus: 56 mg, niacin: 0.4 mg, potassium: 60 mg, ash: 0.4 g, sodium: 2804 mg, water: 11.4 g, magnesium: 16 mg, heat: 351 kcal, iron: 0.5 mg, energy: 1469 kJ, zinc: 1.24, protein: 8.3 g, selenium: 6.03 μ g, fat: 0.3 g, copper : 0.63 mg, carbohydrate: 79.6 g, manganese: 1.51 mg, dietary fiber: 0.9 g, thiamine: 0.3 μ G.

Euryale ferox contains a small amount of starch, a small amount of fat oil and calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C, etc. Euryale ferox is rich in protein, vitamin, mineral and other microelements, which can ensure the nutrients in the body. Euryale ferox ferox can strengthen the absorption function of small intestine, improve the excretion rate of xylose in urine, and increase the concentration of serum carotene. Experiments show that the increase of serum carotene level can reduce the incidence of lung cancer and gastric cancer, and greatly reduce the chance of cancer. Because it has a strong astringent effect, constipation, red urine and women are not suitable to eat after childbirth.