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Who is Chen Ke's husband's personal data

ChenKe is a red man born in the era of Chinese people's initial contact with the Internet, and a symbolic figure in the subculture trend. Once her smoky make-up killed Matt modeling was imitated by many netizens. Ten years of ChenKe is definitely the ancestor of netred, but recently it came out that ChenKe is going to divorce. Who is ChenKe's husband?

Who is Chen Ke's husband? Deng Yuedong's wax gourd?

Hunan Mengyou Trade Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Shaoyang Administration for Industry and Commerce on November 18, 2014. Legal representative: Deng Yuedong. The business scope of the company includes sales of clothing, shoes, hats, handicrafts, daily necessities, red wine, etc.

According to the media, Chen Ke's husband is Deng Yuedong. According to Chen Ke's microblog, she and her husband have known each other since they were 16 years old. Now they have been married and have children, and their husband's career is booming. They are very loving and happy.

On July 23, 2016, ten years later, the non mainstream ChenKe had become a woman. She and her husband had known each other since she was 16 years old. Now she has been married and had children. Her husband's career is booming, and her family has three special happiness. That absurd youth will never return.

Chen Ke said: one thing, after all, I'm a wife and a mother. For 'promiscuity', I really have 108 diagonal lines. The men and women I've slept with in my life add up to three, one is forced to separate; the other is about to enter into marriage, not to cause trouble to the other. Oh, online love. Yes, I've been in love on the Internet, and I'm still out of my mind. Was that a strange time? But I didn't take people's virginity from thousands of miles away.

According to Chen Ke, she and Donggua knew each other when they were 16 years old. It's not easy for them to get married together. Donggua has a successful career and their family has a happy life. Chen Ke's husband's photo of wax gourd was also picked out by netizens, saying that it must be a rich second generation, otherwise Chen Ke would not marry him. As far as the photos are concerned, Chen Ke's husband, Donggua, is really young and promising. Judging from his dress and watch, the background must be very prominent.

What kind of family background does Chen Ke's husband Donggua have? Although the outside world is quite curious about this, Chen Ke herself protects her family very well. She hardly discloses any information about her family to the outside world, probably not willing to be disturbed by the outside world. But at the beginning, CK ChenKe, who was full of negative energy, is now changing into Chen Ke, Yao's mother, which is very shocking. Xiaobian also wishes Chen Ke a smooth future life and happy family.