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Hotel tea eggs 2899 yuan against the sky price luxury tea eggs where?

Tea egg is a kind of food that we can see in our daily life. It's usually one or two yuan, but have you seen 2899 yuan tea egg? The price is shocking, what do you think?

A hotel in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province recently launched a tea egg with a price of 2899 yuan each. The hotel said the tea eggs were made of exquisite materials and expensive, with a limited number of 100 sold out. Netizens lament that it takes half a month to eat a tea egg. The local price department said that it was market pricing and did not operate beyond the scope and had no right to interfere.

For the popularity of the tea, netizens have been talking about it. Some people think it's sensationalism. It's the same as a needle calligrapher. Some people ask, 'will it go to heaven after eating?', others say, 'isn't it money laundering?', and some netizens question the so-called 'selected fruit carbon and Chaozhou red mud charcoal stove': 'is there any difference in the temperature of the fire from the cattle driven wood?', more netizens laugh at themselves, 'poverty limits people's imagination, and eating one It's said that tea eggs cost me about half a month's salary. '

On August 17, the reporter called Wuxi Taiyue resort for consultation. The staff of the hotel replied that the hotel is in the resort area, with beautiful scenery and good water and soil. The tea egg is made from the chicken raised by the hotel itself, and then simmered with precious food and herbs. The sales volume is only 100, so the price is more expensive.

The staff stressed that 2899 yuan per egg is the price of tea eggs, and no other items are given. At present, 100 tea eggs have been sold out, and will not be produced in the near future, "you can't buy them if you want to.". As for why the hotel sells tea eggs and how much they usually sell, the staff said they asked the leaders for instructions and replied, but as of the time of publication, no reply had been received.

Hotel sold 2899 yuan a tea egg is illegal? Then the reporter called the relevant departments of Wuxi Binhu District for consultation. The District Price Inspection Office responded that the tea eggs belong to the market pricing, so long as the hotel clearly marked the price, there will be no violation; the market supervision and Administration Bureau said that the business scope of the hotel includes food sales, which is not out of scope business, and there will be no violation.