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Content of 2018 Qingdao Beer Festival

Every year, Qingdao Beer Festival is a great event that attracts people's attention. Friends from home and abroad will come to this event. What are the activities held in Qingdao Beer Festival? How many days in total? For those who like to drink beer, don't miss them.

When is Qingdao Beer Festival 2018

Qingdao Beer Festival is a large-scale festival with beer as the medium, integrating tourism, leisure, cultural entertainment and economic and trade exhibition. It is opened in Qingdao on the second weekend of August every year for 15 days. It is the largest wine Carnival in China and has a wide reputation and influence at home and abroad. It is known as the largest beer festival in Asia.

According to reports, Century Square beer city will set up 14 beer venues, one Beer Festival cultural exhibition hall and one large beer drinking square this year.

From north to south, it is divided into five sections: Qingdao beer passion square, world beer brand square, beer leisure square, Carnival playground and Beer Festival Golden bank square.

Located between Hong Kong East Road and Haikou Road, the langhaiyuan lawn, as a new section of this year, has been open since July. During the beer festival, the area will be opened free of charge.

Time and place of 2018 Qingdao Beer Festival

2018 Qingdao Beer Festival time: August 16-31, 2018

2018 Qingdao Beer Festival location: Laoshan District century square and surrounding areas

New concept of 2018 Qingdao International Beer Festival

(1) Unmanned liquor vending machine, when taking liquor, can coin, scan code with mobile phone, or scan code with smart bracelet.

(2) Honeycomb maze, reduce difficulty and increase interest, put countless' treasures' in, so that all participants will not go home empty handed.

(3) Smart bracelet, we can use the smart bracelet's code scanning function to form a docking with the unmanned wine vending machine, which can scan the code for drinking.

(4) Competitive cup folding competition, an annual competitive cup folding competition, is very entertaining and enjoyable.

(5) Beer baby, beer baby selection not only set up a stage for participants to show themselves, but also fully demonstrated the unique charm of passion and romance of beer festival.