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What's the meaning of "big s" theory of shrimp peeling? Do girls have to peel shrimp for boys?

Recently, in a reality show, @ big s published another golden sentence: "my mother said that if you eat shrimp, you must peel it for a man." after marrying my husband, if he doesn't peel it for me, I won't talk about it. ". Some netizens think it's the way to get married, while others think it's easy to cause quarrels and enrich their own food and clothing

But I don't dislike the theory of "big s shelling shrimp", because I have noticed two points: ① she first mentioned that her father shelled shrimp for her when she was a child, and he didn't eat it after his death. It is reasonable to associate that she would think of her father when she thought of shrimp peeling, which is a warm and sad memory; ② if her husband did not help her, she would not ask for it. Although this remark inevitably has the meaning of "beating", it can be seen that big s will not affect his feelings towards Mr. Wang. Wang Xiaofei's expression is indeed the first time to hear his wife talk about "prawn peeling".

[bold in capital] men should not classify such remarks as "women's rights". They just call them "false women's rights" or "Princess disease". Don't throw the pot on the back of women's rights.