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Do you understand the details of a good play? It's scary to think about it

Huang Bo's first directorial debut, "a good play" has been screened in various variety shows before it is released. Actors are easy to be questioned as directors. But Huang Bo is different. His cosmetic acting makes us feel relieved. Many people think the play is not a comedy. They are afraid that it turns out to be a horror movie.

As the No. 1 player in a good play, Zhang Yixing, Wang Baoqiang of Huangbo, performed extremely well in the movie. Uncle Mona said: 'this is not only a comedy, but also a humanity movie, an art movie!

Yes, you have to say it's a comedy, but many scenes in the movie give you the discomfort of the needle on your back. Even Wang Baoqiang, who is always funny, has a serious sense of reality.

Huang Bo's works are not a simple comedy of desert island, such as the closed island, the survival of all, the carnival and the good and evil of human nature. More people interpret the film as a story of human transformation. But Huang Bo told the audience in the interview: if you want to see it as a thriller instead of a comedy, here are some tips: pay attention to the movie soundtrack, pay attention to the numbers, pay attention to the lines in the final egg and the consistency with the story, and suggest associating with 24 Billy.

In just two hours, the film shows the ugliness and beauty of human nature one by one: love, fantasy, selfishness, fickleness, fear, greed, hypocrisy, hope, love, deception, sincerity, accident, helplessness and trust

Zhang Yixing is a schizoid of Huang Bo's own

Zhang Yixing is the extension of Huang Bo's desire. It is another Huang Bo. One is to rob Zhang's total of 600 million yuan after the blackout. The other is to be timid in reality and not to take risks. So he went crazy and chased Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing would go crazy and stop him from lighting the boat.

Why 60 million lottery tickets

On the boat, Huang Bo asked Zhang Yixing, who do you think is the best person for falling meteorites? Of course, we poor jingling people. In a flash, he found that he had won 60 million yuan, but he was exiled on a desert island. Why did the director make this setting? Because everyone is dreaming of getting rich overnight without any effort.

The director is telling everyone the young people with the dream of getting rich: if you don't work hard, you are doomed to lose in reality. Making a fortune won't make you better, it will only destroy you. A desert island represents near extinction.

What does blue and white striped hospital uniform represent?

There is no law, everyone on the island is primitive. Barbarism, greed, selfishness & hellip; & hellip; and in real life, only the mentally ill are allowed to do so. So the clothes on the island are the same as those worn by the mental patients at the end of the movie.

Why don't you believe that 'the ship is real, the world is not destroyed'?

People will change because of the change of environment. In fact, they have never evolved. Everyone has the wild nature of primitive people. At the end of the movie, when we heard that there was a boat coming, we were not excited at all. We even said that Xiao Wang was crazy, the earth was destroyed, and we could not go back at all.

Think back to their first day in exile, the mood of survival, different.

​ you will understand that you have lived in an environment for too long, do not want to leave, and are afraid of your own loss of viability, and even more afraid of strange eyes. People are easy to be assimilated. You won't have a good figure after a long time with the people who eat Hesse every day. You won't be short of money with the people who call you to get up early and make money hard every day. ​

Why are polar bears in the tropics?

The polar bear brought back by Huang Bo and Zhang Yixing. The polar bear skin serves as a seat for Xiao Wang. This is a symbol of primitive rights, and brute force is the rule. Where there are crowds, there will be leaders. His consciousness also determines the temperament of the whole team. Xiao Wang simply wants to let everyone live.

In the movie, the lizard scene appears many times. Director Huang Bo explains that it is the eyes of the audience lurking on the island that witness the beginning and end of absurdity.

"A good play" is really not a comedy, but a "horror movie"... Think it over! The whole movie, maybe only Shu Qi's sentence "the boat can't wait, people are gone" is true. Huang Bo's ambition is too big. There are so many secrets in a movie. That's the real meaning of a good play.