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Who is the little sister? The complete word of the female consort of Huang Mei Opera

Jaunt, Huang Mei Opera, lyrics, singing, singing and sharing! Recently, the Miss Huang Mei Opera has been fired. There is a song where my salary is. In fact, it was originally my childe and where was it, the song is the lyrics of Huang Mei Opera female consort.

Where are my wages?

Where is my salary? In fact, it should have been where is my son-in-law. This lyrics comes from the lyrics of Huangmei Opera "the son-in-law".

Recently, Miss Mei, who was shaking the voice and singing Huangmei Opera, was on fire. Many people began to notice Huangmei Opera and began to appreciate the unique charm of Huangmei Opera.

Playing the jitter can be said to be a representative of the young people's fashion trend, but Huangmei Opera is so popular in the chattering. It is indeed surprising that many netizens say that the two dimensional Chinese style is also different.

The female son-in-law who was trembling was brainwashed and hum for half an hour with Guo Xiaozhen's teaching video. After the end, she felt very pleasant. Huangmei opera was really good.

Sharing the songs and lyrics of the consort

To save Li Lang from his home,

Who knows the number one in the Yellow list,

The number one scholar is wearing a red robe,

Hat in the Palace (wow)

It's so fresh.

I don't want to be famous,

I don't want to be a senior official.

For the affectionate son Li,

Husband and wife love each other well.

I also went to a banquet in qionglin,

I used to fight in front of Maju street.

Everyone praises me for Pan an's appearance,

Who knows the gauze cap (wow)

Where are you.

I don't want to be famous,

For the affectionate son Li,

Husband and wife love each other well.