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Did Huang Bo copy a good play? A brief introduction to a good play

Yu Mengyuan, the screenwriter, reported Huang Bo's "a good play" plagiarism under her real name, saying that the film "plagiarized and borrowed" the story creativity and framework in her original script "men's crisis", and said that she was actively collecting and sorting out evidence materials. Do you think Huang Bo's new director's good play is plagiarized?

Yu Mengyuan, the screenwriter, tweeted on Weibo on the evening of December 12 that she had seen Huang Bo's script "men's crisis" written by herself. Later, the script was licensed for shooting on September 29, 2013. Later, she also invited Huang Bo to play the leading actor "Qian Jin" in the movie through her relationship, but Huang Bo refused because the story framework and character type were not suitable. However, after the screening of a good play, Yu Mengyuan realized that "a good play" copied and borrowed the story creativity and framework in the script of "men's crisis", and "in order to avoid the risk of infringement, a large number of details have been specially edited". She said that she has received professional advice and guidance and is actively collecting and sorting out evidence materials.

Film introduction

The movie "a good play" tells a story of "the adventures of an island": Ma Jin (Huang Bo) owes a debt, and his cousin Xiaoxing (Zhang Yixing), who is far away from home, tries to get rich overnight and marry his colleague Shanshan (Shu Qi). One day, all the employees of the company went out to the sea for group construction. On the way, Ma Jin (Huang Bo) received the information of the first prize in the lottery, 60 million yuan! Just when the day of Ma Jin's ecstasy of turning over finally came, a sudden huge wave broke everything. The waking people found themselves on a desert island and lost all contact with the outside world. In the background of the closed island, those who lose rules, classes and wealth show their human nature.