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Does the emperor like empress Fucha or weiyingluo? Who is the emperor's favorite person?

In Yanxi strategy, the emperor's favorite person at the beginning was empress Fucha, who hated Wei Yingluo on the surface, but in fact, he was secretly moved by Wei Yingluo. As the empress of the emperor, there are three thousand beauties. Does the emperor like Wei Yingluo?

It can be seen in the play that the first favorite of Emperor Qianlong played by Nie yuan is empress Fucha played by Qin LAN, the famous empress of filial piety and virtuous purity in history. Empress Fucha is adept in etiquette, gentle as water, but stubborn in heart, and kind-hearted, which is Qianlong's help. However, due to the premature death of the Queen's son, Yonglian, the emperor's son, the empress of reexamination had great opinions on Qianlong, and there were some ups and downs in their feelings. Moreover, due to the death of their son, the empress FUCA was sad and hurt, and her health was not good all the time, which also made her not very concerned about the things in the harem, so that the powerful high imperial concubine of her family flew in the harem Hu.

In fact, empress Fucha always wrongly blamed Qianlong. In Qianlong's eyes, empress Fucha was his favorite concubine, and Yonglian was also his favorite prince. In the first year of his accession to the throne, he had secretly issued an imperial edict to make Yonglian crown prince. This matter was not made public, but he kept the imperial edict in the secret box, which showed Qianlong's love and value for Yonglian's Prince 。

Does Yanxi attack the emperor's Yingluo

In Yanxi strategy, the emperor hates Wei Yingluo on the surface, but he already likes her in heart, even at the cost of breaking up Wei Yingluo and Fu Heng.

In the play, the emperor had a lot of opinions on Wei Yingluo at the beginning, but in the end, Wei Yingluo became the emperor's concubine and the woman the emperor really liked. It is reported that there is still a big misunderstanding between Wei Yingluo and the emperor after the death of empress Fucha. Wei Yingluo always believed that the death of the empress had a great relationship with the emperor.

However, Wei Yingluo was not granted the title by the emperor, but the Empress Dowager liked Yingluo, so she advised the emperor to give Yingluo an identity. However, since Yingluo became a noble, she has had more interactions with the emperor. Later, the two misunderstandings were lifted, and they began to have feelings slowly.

In history, the real imperial concubine Ling was originally named Wei Jia. Her father was the leader of the government of internal affairs. The Han army of zhenghuang banner was born in a disguised way. She not only belonged to the rank of slave, but also belonged to the Han nationality that was regarded as the first-class low banner people at that time. Later, she was carried into Manchuria to inlay the yellow flag.

Among more than 40 famous concubines in Qianlong, the number of concubines who gave birth to the concubines was the largest. In 10 years, they successively gave birth to four sons and two daughters, including Yongyan, the fifteen sons of the emperor, the later Jiaqing emperor, which showed that the concubines were specially favored.