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Why is honey black like frost? How many episodes did Runyu turn black?

The magic play "fragrant honey and ashes like frost" starring Yang Zi and Deng Lun has been on fire recently. In the latest plot, Jinmi's life experience has finally been revealed. But for Phoenix, it's sad that the beloved person has changed from brother and sister to sister-in-law. One of the most important factors is the blackening of Runyu, so why does Runyu blacken?

In 15 minutes, the cumulative broadcast volume of major platforms exceeded 100 million, and won the audience rating champion of the same period. In fact, "Honey sinking like frost" has gathered thousands of expectations of original works before it was broadcasted. In addition, Yang Zi and Deng Lun have their own popular films and TV plays during this period of time. It's no wonder that they have achieved such good results when they are launched under the condition of continuous heat.

However, after watching 5 episodes at a time, you will surely understand why "honey is like frost". High color, beautiful clothes, first-class special effects, high actor's appearance value focus on acting, which can be called perfect every detail, to create such a good play. Up to now, the discussion about the plot of the play has intensified. Jinmi and Xufeng started too easily, and they will certainly abuse the ground quickly. From the forerunner's notice, it can be seen that this is definitely not a honey play.

"Honey sinking like frost" in addition to Jinmi and Xufeng, which are both popular with the audience, No.2 Runyu also has countless fans on the line. Such a gentle and modest gentleman, I don't think anyone can hate him. But with the continuous progress of the plot, Runyu will soon turn black, and start the crazy mode of delivering boxed rice. Who is the first person he sent to eat boxed rice?

This man is his own father, the emperor of jiuchongtian. Why does Runyu kill his own father. It starts with a big wedding drama. After that, Jinmi will find out that his father is the God of water in the sky. In those days, the emperor of heaven once made a decree to give wawaqin the eldest daughter of the God of water to his eldest son. Runyu finally married Jinmi. On the day of the wedding, he was actually playing a big game of rebellion.

On that day, Runyu gathered a large number of soldiers and horses to plot rebellion. Seeing his eldest son disobedient, the emperor was disappointed and asked why he did so. Runyu's words revealed the mystery of his miserable life experience. It turned out that Runyu's mother was an elf in Taihu Lake, and was originally promised to the son of the East China Sea Fish king. It is not because he really loves his mother, but because Runyu's mother is like Jinmi's mother, the God of flowers. Later, the emperor did not treat Runyu's mother well, but indulged in killing her later.

Speaking of Tian'an, Runyu obviously didn't want to let her go after the blackout. He made a plan to lure Tian'an to find a killer for Jin. Later, he used Jin'an's father, shuishen, to fight with Tian'an. Although Tian'an didn't die at last, she was abolished by the emperor of heaven and was jailed. She could never be a God again. Runyu was also a big revenge. When Runyu killed the emperor of heaven on the day of his wedding, Jinmi would use a water blade left by his father to kill the most beloved Xu Feng (just think about it and feel cruel), and Runyu became the biggest winner.

To kill the emperor of heaven, Xu Feng and empress dowager, all the humble men in the past have come to this step because of their miserable life experience. All of these were created by two emperors and empresses. Just from the bottom of my heart, I really don't want to see Runyu turn black, and I also feel that he is a poor man. ​​​​