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Sweet honey is like frost flower, Zifen likes God of heaven or God of water? How did Huashen die?

In the fragrant honey sinking like frost, Zifen is Jinmi's mother, the God of flowers. So Zifen likes the God of heaven or the God of water? Zifen, the former God of flowers, has a rough emotional path, so she can't bear her daughter to suffer such tribulation, so who does Zifen like?

Zifen had a relationship with the emperor of heaven. Later, in order to consolidate his position, the emperor married the queen of heaven, and Huashen broke his heart. At this time, the appearance of shuishen was her life-saving straw. Zifen loved shuishen, not Tiandi.

In fact, Zifen, the God of flowers, had two unforgettable loves. Her first period was with the emperor. At that time, the emperor was attracted by the beauty of the God of flowers, so he tried his best to pursue the God of flowers. Finally, the God of flowers was moved by the emperor's insistence, and the two finally fell in love with each other.

However, at this time, for his own benefit, if he wants to become king in the heaven, he must marry the princess of the bird family, so in the end, the emperor can't help but betray the God of flowers for power, and marry the princess of the bird family, who is now the queen of heaven.

Huashen is even more frustrated after being abandoned mercilessly by the emperor of heaven. At this time, Luolin, the water god, appears beside her and helps Huashen bravely come out from the painful shadow of lovelorn. After that, the two people have mutual feelings for each other over time. This time, Huashen is still fully committed. Unfortunately, in the end, they can't be together with the lovers.

After the emperor knew that Huashen and shuishen were together, he was very jealous of shuishen. What he didn't have, others don't want to have. He designed to let the former Emperor order that shuishen marry Fengshen.

Although Tian Tian was married to the emperor of heaven as his wife, she was always envious of Huashen, who had been loved by the emperor. On the day of the marriage of shuishen and Fengshen, she mercilessly damaged Huashen with red lotus fire. In fact, Huashen was pregnant with the flesh and blood of shuishen.

After being hurt by the red lotus industry, Huashen finally gave birth to Jinmi after struggling. After explaining the real life experience of Jinmi to all Fang masters, and feeding Jinmi to eat the meteorite pill, he chose to die.

Therefore, Tian Tian is the murderer who mercilessly kills Huashen here. In the following story, it's cruel to think of Jinmi who knows his life experience and hates Xufeng for love.

After growing up, Jinmi has to go through the same thing as her mother. It's true that Jinmi is cruel to her heart. She follows Xufeng to the heaven and knows the immortal under the moon. He loves Jinmi very much. He teaches her how to get spiritual power from Xufeng. The immortal under the moon wants to match Xufeng and Jinmi.

Jinmi is very curious about why the flowers and plants in the heaven can't be picked. The immortal under the moon tells her that the flowers in the heaven are colorful. In that year, the God of flowers let all the flowers and plants in the heaven wither because of the relationship of the emperor. In order to restore the past vitality of the heaven, the emperor turned the colorful clouds into flowers and plants, so the flowers and plants in the heaven will disappear as long as they are picked.

Jinmi and Xufeng, as well as Runyu, are going to experience a period of sadistic love. Although Jinmi is taken down by qiedan, she still feels Xufeng's love for her. After all, Jinmi still has feelings in her heart.