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Wechat accidentally delete friends how to retrieve these methods have you tried?

Wechat has become an important tool for modern people to socialize, but sometimes how can I find out if I accidentally delete my friends? Can I still find and add wechat deleted friends? So in the future, don't delete friends at will.

Method 1: use wechat recovery function

If your wechat chat record is still available and has been backed up before deleting friends, you can retrieve friends by restoring wechat chat, query the chat record of deleted friends, and find the deleted friends through chat record.

Method 2: get back through QQ

Presumably, most people should be bound to QQ on wechat. If you are someone else's friend added by QQ, you can directly find the friend in the friend recommendation again and add it again.

Method 3: 'new friends'

First of all, if the other side adds you, if not, you can only cry silently beside. To get back to the point, you can click the address book in wechat, then find the person you agreed to in the new friend, and click accept. This method is Xiaobian's favorite.

Of course, if you can remember the opposite micro signal, you'd better call the opposite micro signal directly in the search. Did you get these methods introduced by Xiaobian?