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Baby cough can eat salt steamed orange? Is salt steamed orange effective in relieving cough?

Cough is a common disease in daily life. For babies with low resistance, you may as well try steaming oranges with salt. It is said that the effect is very good. Generally speaking, salt steaming orange can cure cough. Orange contains orange peel oil and nacodin, which can stop cough. Therefore, salt steaming orange has a certain therapeutic effect on cough.

Is salt steaming orange effective for cough? It has certain cough relieving effect.

Salt steamed orange and ice sugar garlic water have the same therapeutic effect on cough, but they are different for different types of cold. The reason why salt steaming orange can have the effect of relieving cough is that it contains two kinds of antitussive and antitussive ingredients: nacodin and orange peel oil.

The principle of salt steaming orange in the treatment of cough: the orange is cold and neutral, which has many functions such as regulating qi, resolving phlegm and moistening lung. The orange peel oil and nacodin contained in the orange peel are the main ingredients in the treatment of cough. The salt itself has the bactericidal effect, and the antitussive ingredients in the orange peel can play the role of antitussive and expectorant.

Salt steaming orange is suitable for cold cough or hot cough. In the dialectic of traditional Chinese medicine, the cough is divided into wind cold, wind heat, dryness, phlegm dampness, phlegm heat, lung yin, liver fire and so on. The nature of orange is cold and cold, which can only treat the cough caused by heat such as wind heat, dryness, lung heat, liver fire and so on. It has no effect on the cough caused by wet cold such as wind cold and phlegm dampness.

What kind of cough is salt steamed orange suitable for? Salt steamed orange is suitable for treating lung hot cough

It is suitable to treat the cough caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis or lung dryness. If the cough is caused by cold and wind, it is not suitable to use salt to steam the orange, but should use ice sugar and garlic water.

Steamed orange with salt is suitable for relieving cough

There is no taboo population for salt steaming orange and Ganping. Even for 1-2 children, there is no problem. But after all, children's immunity is weak. If there is a long cough, do not delay, and should be treated immediately.

How to make a salt steamed Orange: a fresh orange, a small amount of salt, a proper amount of water.


1. Wash the orange, soak it in water for 20 minutes, and remove the wax on the orange skin.

2. Cut a knife at the top of the orange, expose a small amount of pulp, form an orange cup, sprinkle a small amount of salt on the pulp, poke with chopsticks, and then cover the cut orange cover.

3. Put the prepared orange into the steamer, boil the water in the steamer over high heat, and then steam for 15 minutes over low heat.

How to eat: when it's warm, remove the orange peel, eat the pulp and the juice at the bottom of the bowl.

Salt steaming orange has the effect of treating cough, but it is only for hot cough. It has no effect on cold cough, so it needs to be dialectically identified.

2. After all, salt steaming orange is a partial prescription for cough treatment, which is not very good for the treatment of serious cough, especially for children's cough. Children's organs are relatively fragile, which is easy to cause pneumonia and bronchitis. If children's cough is serious, timely medical treatment is recommended.