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The latest development of traffic accidents in Hangzhou

Hangzhou traffic accident latest progress, the official released the latest investigation discovery, let's have a look! In response to the case of 7 & middot; 30 women driving out of control in Hangzhou, causing many deaths, @ Ping An Hangzhou reported that after the accident, the police entrusted the road traffic accident appraisal center of the Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of public security to inspect and appraise the Zhejiang a87t97 small cross-country bus involved in the accident.

The center has inspected and identified the braking, lighting and steering systems of vehicles, and has issued an inspection report on August 3. The report shows that the braking system of the vehicle submitted for inspection can realize the braking function, and the lighting and steering system are normal. The inspection report has been delivered to the victims, their families and criminal suspects. At present, the case is under further investigation.

At 19:06 on July 30, Chen Mou (female) drove Zhejiang a87t97 minibus from north to south along the race boat route to wenerxi intersection when it lost control and crashed into vehicles and pedestrians at the intersection, resulting in serious road traffic accidents, which resulted in 4 deaths, 13 injuries and many vehicle damages.