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Can you share a room at the beginning of pregnancy? Precautions for rooming during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers will be careful when they first know that they are pregnant. But for newly married couples, is it difficult to restrain themselves? Can they share a room at the beginning of pregnancy? What are the precautions for sharing a room during pregnancy?

Can you share a room at the beginning of pregnancy?

Abstinence in early pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo is in the development stage, the attachment of the embryo is not firm, and it is easy to miscarry. Therefore, in the first three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse is prohibited, especially for those women who are infertile for many years after marriage and have had spontaneous abortion, and sexual intercourse should be avoided, so as to avoid pelvic congestion during sexual intercourse, uterine contraction and induced abortion.

With the increase of pregnancy months, the uterine body gradually increased and amniotic fluid increased in the second trimester. Although this period can be sexual intercourse, but if the number of sexual intercourse is too much, or the action is too large, it is also easy to cause abortion and infection.

Abstinence in the third trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy is the last three months of pregnancy. The harm of sexual intercourse is more obvious. In addition to premature delivery, it can mainly lead to infection of pregnant women and increase the chance of death of fetus and newborn.

Women's vaginas often secrete a small amount of acid liquid, which can resist the invasion of foreign bacteria. Therefore, in general, sexual intercourse will not cause the infection of reproductive organs, but in the process of delivery, the birth canal may be damaged, and there is a large wound after the placenta is removed from the uterus. These are the bases of bacterial growth. After delivery, the maternal resistance decreased, which increased the possibility of infection. According to the survey, 50% of the puerperal infected women had sexual intercourse in one month before delivery. Therefore, sexual intercourse is forbidden in the last three months of pregnancy, so as to avoid bringing bacteria into the birth canal.

Precautions for rooming during pregnancy

1. When the wife is pregnant, the husband should be gentle, patient and considerate.

2. During pregnancy, the same room should use different touch methods, such as touching the abdomen of the wife, and experiencing the joy of fetal movement together.

3. When sharing a room during pregnancy, try not to press the weight of your body on your wife's abdomen and breast.

4. Make more use of pillows to make your wife comfortable, and at the same time try to keep her body curve as vertical as possible.

5. Spend more time trying to find the most comfortable way to enjoy sharing during pregnancy.

6. In the stage of close contact before sharing the room, the husband can touch and stimulate the clitoris and labia, but do not extend the finger into the vagina to avoid damaging the vagina and causing bacterial infection.

7. During pregnancy, vaginal secretions increase and resistance decreases. Before sharing a room, both husband and wife should clean the vulva and keep it clean.

8. Father to be should be considerate of his wife's psychological and physical discomfort when she is pregnant.

9. Father to be should be considerate of his wife, respect his wife and forbid forced rooming.

10. During pregnancy, the time and intensity of rooming should be appropriate, the movement should be gentle, and excessive stimulation should be avoided; the duration should be shortened correspondingly (1-3 minutes).